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As we all know, car insurance is a legal requirement on UK roads and since continuous enforcement legislation came into effect in 2011 it’s essential there aren’t any gaps in your car insurance cover.

There can be a lot of information to provide when you arrange your car insurance so it’s understandable that errors can sometimes be made but, as mistakes could invalidate your insurance, it’s important to double check your information.

Generally, marriage annulments and divorces automatically revoke wills.

The wording of the New York and Idaho probate statutes are common to most states.

Additionally, if a person died without a will, a surviving spouse inherits through Kansas' "intestate succession" laws.

It's not uncommon for will makers, known as "testators," to experience life changes that may necessitate an amendment to an existing will.

For example, Texas does not have a pretermission statute; thus, marriage does not revoke a will in whole or in part.

In Texas, a will made prior to marriage is honored even if it fails to name a spouse as a beneficiary.

Otherwise, a person may be inadvertently left without assets if her spouse dies.Therefore, although marriage does not revoke wills in many states, it can have a substantial impact on the will and other beneficiaries.Laws that are similar or identical to the UPC provisions on this topic are generally referred to as "pretermission statutes." In a handful of states, marriage does not affect wills made prior to the nuptials.In the 19th century, a will made before a woman's marriage was automatically revoked after her marriage. However, once he and his wife bore a child, any will made prior to the marriage became invalid. However, whether marriage revokes a will varies by state.Kansas law revokes a will following marriage and the birth of a child.By writing a will, a testator has peace of mind that his property and assets will be distributed according to his wishes after his death.He may also make provision in a will for the guardianship of his children.The UPC gives spouses intestate shares when they are excluded by a will made prior to marriage.Intestate succession statutes govern the distribution of an estate's assets when no will exists.The property in a person's estate is passed to his beneficiaries when he dies.Many people prepare for this by making a will naming the people who will receive their property. However, if a spouse is disinherited, Kansas law provides a remedy that permits the spouse to still inherit from the estate.


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