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Alex fong dating

He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Hong Kong.Fong caught the attention of record executives with his popularity amongst teenage girls and became a singer in 2001.On the other hand, Alex would take a glance at Stephy whenever she spoke. During the event, the ex-couple exchanged words, and finally agreed to take a photo together. ) I don’t think so.” Stephy said that she did not deliberately keep any contact with Alex, and she would say hi to him when she meet him. Alex, on the other hand, also said, “It’s not about being embarrassed or not.

the sinhalese arrived in sri lanka late in the 6th century bc, probably from northern india.

He had been assigned to work with Stephy Tang of former pop-group Cookies/Mini Cookies for the past few years.

They now have eight duets: 好心好報, 好好戀愛, 十・分愛 (winner of the 2006 Jade Solid Gold 'Best Duet Gold Award'), 我的最愛, 重爱 (mandarin version of 我的最愛) , 七年, 同屋主 and 危城.

reach over 200 million consumers and 14 million businesses one of the best new year’s resolutions to have is to travel more.

Alex Fong (方力申, Fong Lik-Sun; born 26 February 1980) is a Hong Kong actor, singer and swimmer.


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