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The headless corpse is buried in gravel for up to 12 weeks while the poisons (trimethylamine oxide and uric acid) leak away.Then it is hung for several months until a brown crust forms.Colebrook is located 53 km north of Hobart on the B31 between Richmond and Oatlands.^ TOP There are two explanations for the naming of Colebrook.The neophyte’s tastebuds are begging for mercy even before the gag reflex kicks in.Even Agnar Sverrisson, an inveterate promoter of his native Iceland’s trendy new Nordic cuisine, watched with some bemusement as I gobbled Iceland’s traditional cuisine is born out of centuries of exigency.

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Desserts highlight the Nordic fondness for the cosy, healthy and natural.But the main national drink is Black Death, a fiery spirit made from fermented potato pulp and flavoured with caraway seeds.It seems as though every town, large and small, between Hobart and Launceston is a wonderland of Georgian and historically interesting buildings.Rye bread ice-cream is good, especially with local rhubarb jam.is a national treasure: a low-fat soft cheese that tastes like a particularly creamy yoghurt. Only alcoholic drinks are a bit of a disappointment.We ate whalemeat carpaccio, (texture like beef, taste like tuna).It comes from the minke whale, which is not endangered.The stench from my slimy, chewy stash drifts into our kitchen, even when stored quadruple-wrapped in the freezer.The taste recalls the strongest cheese you have ever eaten, left on a rubbish dump for several days in hot sun and doused in sea-water.It was originally named Jerusalem because on an expedition into the area in 1806 a certain Private Hugh Germain started giving places exotic names.It is claimed that Germain travelled through the area with a copy of - thus Jerusalem is near Jericho and Bagdad.


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