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Bsd updating

So I tried to figure out how to install the latest release version and keep it updated as well, without starting from scratch with a new image every time.

Print This Post Free BSD 11.1 was officially released on July 26th, 2017.

This close coupling between kernel and userland provides some interesting features, and many commits provide a new kernel API and userland tool to use it in one.

In contrast, Linux is a kernel which is developed by Linus et al. These are two separate project teams and a single commit cannot bring a new kernel feature and new userland tool to use it - it would have to be one commit to the Linux kernel source tree, and one commit to the Userland source tree (e.g. Of course, the Free BSD supplied userland is great, but it doesn't contain a graphical environment or multimedia applications. The Free BSD ports tree is a set of Makefiles and patched that allow packages to be compiled from thousands of different software projects around the globe (creating something like a "App Store").

nas4free can install packages from repository, but you're right, 3.1.2 is the latest version for Free BSD unfortunately.

This allows the user to simply "pkg install emby-server".

The ports tree of instructions to compile these packages is also maintained the Free BSD project, but a different set of developers.

If you want more recent versions you can either change to the latest packages (built from ports every day) or build it yourself from [email protected] Hi everyone, Free BSD has 2 supported branches of the ports tree at any time: head (the latest/master) and quarterly (e.g. By default, Free BSD's pkg tool uses the quarterly branch.

The goal is that users will have more stable packages (not having to do a large number of upgrades every week), but still have security updates and bug fixes.


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