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Call of pripyat missions not updating Freechathot

He's a stalker who lives south of here.”You can pick up this mission during the Tempting business for Owl. Don't forget your meds - you'll thank me later.”The strange glow is actually coming from an artifact, the Altered Wheel, that - as the name implies - used to be the wheel of the boat.Giving the Compass artifact to Beard is one of the prerequisites to earning the One of Ours achievement. Getting it is pretty simple, the main thing you have to worry about are the Springboard anomalies that surround the Dredge Station.You can see why customers would line up to get their hands on it.Just the other day someone told me that Noah knows something about it.Once that is finished, Spartacus will tell you to move out - it's time to take them down.

The list is currently not complete, but once I start to work on the walkthrough, they should eventually be added. If you approach him directly from where Awl is standing, you should be safe from the Boilers.Please note that some missions might not be available right off the bat, ie. Awl refer to his friend as "Petrukha" while if you talk to him his name appears as "Petruha". This mission is not a regular mission in the sense that it won't be shown in your PDA, and therefore has no official name.you may need to complete other missions first, or meet some other requirement. Please note that if you have a Echo Detector equipped when you complete this mission your reward will be a Bear Detector; if you already have that detector (or a better one), you'll be rewarded with a Fireball artifact instead.A good medium range weapon, some decent protection, and a good supply of ammunition, medkits and bandages is a good start.When you are ready, head over to the station and meet up with the stalkers outside; go talk to Spartacus and then follow the stalkers inside the compound.In most of these cases I've added notes to the mission description that should clarify what the prerequisites are, if any. You need to have completed Strange phenomenon for Beard before he'll give out requests for artifacts. Petrukha and I pooled all our money together to buy that one... Being the one with the best protection against anomalies, Petruha is sent in.Also, before you head off stop by Spartacus who will give you the first part of your reward: 2,500 RU and the location of a stash.Return to Beard to receive another 3,500 RU and complete the mission.“Yeah, I came to Zaton with two of my buddies, Barge and Joker... Itching to get their hands on mountains of artifacts, dying to be the first, the fastest... If I only I could see them again, I would say I'm sorry for what I said then...If you do give the artifact to him, they will leave you alone, but you can witness him running back to Beard and collect the reward himself - not a very satisfying solution.If you are doing this mission at the beginning of the game, it can be a bit tricky because Tuna and his friends are fairly well armed and you only have little room when they attack you.


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