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Can we survive without dating romance and love

By the time we fall into bed, we're just too shattered for sex.' Their story is, of course, not uncommon.

'I'm as attracted to him today as I was all those years ago, and he says he feels the same about me,' says Natalia.'If both husband and wife get on well in other ways and there is no distress over the lack of intimacy, then that's fine,' she explains.'But for most people, sex is intrinsic to marriage.'I have worried whether he might have an affair because we don't make love any more.What if our marriage remains sexless and we end up two strangers with nothing left to hold us together?' According to psychologist Janice Hiller, Natalia's story is far from unusual, although many women are too ashamed to voice their concerns.'Most marriages go through periods when sex is less frequent than normal, typically after a major event such as having children, moving house, suffering bereavement, or changing jobs,' she says.An estimated one in 20 British couples share a sexless marriage, and the end of the 'honeymoon period' has long been something of a bittersweet joke among couples who have been married for several years.Even Madonna's ill-fated marriage to Guy Ritchie was, according to friends, sexless for the 18 months leading up to its collapse last month.'And if one party wants sex and the other doesn't, it can be terribly damaging.Typically, the rejected spouse will feel unloved, unattractive or neglected.' What is curious is that according to Natalia, she and her husband adore each other. Neither of them has let themselves go during their ten-year marriage.


  1. Can love exist without sex? 2. Too often we forget to teach them. feel that there is a great deal to be learned from is especially.

  2. It's an epidemic among hard-working couples. is whether or not a marriage without sex can survive. We got into a habit of not making love, and we.

  3. We have been dating for a little. But he kept swearing that he does love me. Please, can someone explain to. Can a relationship survive without Romance?

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