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Dating a girl with down syndrome Naughty java chat room australia

She's not fully Down Syndrome (though has a carer) more like 30%ish Downs. I don't know for sure but I do know that some people with downs are capable of living alone and caring for themselves and they do have relationships.

He wont bring her out to the bar or anywhere but at the weekend there he showed me some pictures and told me not to tell anyone. So I suppose it comes down to whether or not she is capable of caring for herself and of sound mind to make her own decisions...

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Kate and her husband look absolutely beautiful on their wedding day and it’s so good to see a woman with Down syndrome enjoying her life to the full!

They will all be together having fun just like any group of friends.

Hi, my mate is banging a down syndrome chick, is this legal?

Kate got married 3 years ago, and is busy loving life! It was chucking it down with rain, so we had to share my umbrella- and we kissed. He stopped the DJ playing music, got down on one knee in the middle of the dance floor and proposed. It is my 30th birthday on 27th August and I’m having a big party with a disco, and Steve is 35. We like going to our clubs, and the gym and church, but everything really. If you have a child or sibling with Down Syndrome or any other developmental disability, please when they turn 18 apply for Guardianship or some legal method to protect your child or sibling incase they become married or can not advocate for themselves. Eden may get married, she may not and it would be the same if she didn’t have Down syndrome. I do have one question though, does Steve have any disabilities? Because you never know when it will be time to fulfil your destiny and to him being “happy husband Jonathan ” is his. Since the day I had him and looked at his gorgeous lil face I have just wanted his happiness. Men and women being stopped LEGALLY stopped from being aloud to wed simply because they are disabled. Reply I am very happy for you Kate and thank steve for marrying you and making your life meaningful. Kate got married 3 years ago, and is busy loving life.

I asked Kate, as a married woman with Down syndrome, to share some things about herself as well as her life. I want to say to mums of young girls who have Down syndrome, and the girls themselves- You can meet a man that’s right for you, and enjoy your life. Save yourself the nightmare of letting the state, their spouse or spouses family from having a say in the individuals healthcare, if they become unable to speak for themselves. Also, please look into special NYS OPWDD requirements for Health Care Proxy’s, yours may not be valid. Eden will live a full […] Reply Hi Katie You probably won’t see this but my name is Hannah and I am a writer and would love to work with you and write your story if that is something you would be interested in. Its no more or less inspiring if he does or does not have any disabilities, its just rare to see someone with no disabilities daring someone that has them. I don’t do that but this story had made my heart smile. My oldest Jonathan, 13 years old and he has down syndrome. Even before he had even seen an example of what that meant. I have had people scoff at his dream to have a family. most parents will be always hesitant to give their daughter with this syndrome in marriage due to natural concerns. Reply As a mom i would hope that both of my girls wil be so happy in life as you twoo are… I felt her beautiful love story needed to be shared, so I asked Kate to share some things about herself as well. […] Reply your lovely story has much encouraged me..i feel so proud of U .. U R also a very successful woman who has proved that there is nothing called ”impossible”.


  1. But that was all before I met her. This girl is all I think about. Most of the time downs syndrome patients can have very bad tempers and she has a good one, but that is just part of her and I still love this girl! she is super sweet, makes me feel so special when I am with her.

  2. My son tells me he only wants to date “normal” girls and refuses to even consider dating a girl with Down syndrome or other.

  3. Do people with Down syndrome date. Dating and Down syndrome. Their “anniversary” was Oct. 4th but my girl likes to be prepared way.

  4. Sep 6, - I saw some pictures some time back which went viral of a guy taking a girl to a high school prom, the guy was good looking and normal, the girl.

  5. Family Guy In the episode "Extra Large Medium" Chris dates a girl, Ellen, who has Down Syndrome. I came to feel that way in high school as a family member and.

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