Dating a work aholic

Your wife would seldom like to remain idle and she finds escape in work.What you can do is encourage her to try out some new and common hobbies.But, that is not the only reason why your wife is spending too much time at the office.Other reason is that she is terribly married to her work that she just can’t make time for her personal life.Of course, she too needs to understand you and your needs. Get A Plan Both of you are working and your workaholic wife needs to understand the importance of domestic duties.

When he takes on a project, task, or job, he gives it nothing less than 110% for 110% of the time. All of this is well and good in an employee or team member. Because when Chris goes above and beyond at work, his home life sometimes pays the price.YOU MAY LIKE: Ways To Fix A Sexless Marriage You try to accommodate her in everything but then you have been seeing that it is becoming difficult for you and now the kids with the time.It is time that you deal with the situation else you would find only one of the two actually handling the personal front.This is a perfect method of dealing with a workaholic wife. You are frustrated that she spends more time at work than with you but, do you know why she loves her work so much.Have you ever made an effort to understand what gives her this fulfillment?The problem with being married to someone who is so committed to their work is that you sound like a real brat when you complain about it. And sometimes I text them to my friend Sarah with really mad emoticon figures doing inappropriate gestures.What am I supposed to say, “Quit being so awesome at work and take me out to dinner” or “Stop being so dependable and help me with the dishes”? If it were a vice that Chris was giving all this time to, I would have no problem speaking up and saying, “Hey, dude.But, do you think your anger is going to change the way things are?Instead of telling her that you are never at home and making things sound negative, try framing things in a more positive way that makes her want to be at home.So, make sure you and your wife spend some time together without the interruption of mails, phones and other gadgets.One of the things that I love most about Chris is his work ethic.


  1. Married to a Workaholic. It is hard when is working late consistently or out of town average of 1 week per month this year. I work full time too.

  2. Understanding the Dynamics of Workaholism "Are you a workaholic. I defined a workaholic as a work-obsessed individual who gradually becomes emotionally crippled.

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