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Dating asian girls canada

I know this will be offensive but a lot of Indian men I have known who were new to the US did not behave normally around women who were White and as a result women of Canada hated you for it. I heard they were more focused on culture and less on race.Thank you for offering your experience, I know it was tough to do in front of a harsh crowd on C-D that will tell you to stick to your own race.My advice to Asian males: go to really large cities in North America, like San Fran, LA, Seattle, or New York, or head for Paris, Barcelona, or Berlin. Well when I stayed in Minnesota for a few weeks I saw a few Asian and Brown men with White women but it wasn't common, lots of Black men with White women though.Of course you will stilll encounter racists in all these places, as well as opportunistic gold-diggers and all that jazz, but you still have a chance. It seems like you are being judged for what other men of your race are doing and that is impacting your results with women.Otherwise, I felt so much more accepted there (I even had a Spanish chick flirt with me), as opposed to my own city of Saskatoon where I'm fluent in the language and have lived for ten years. You also have to remember that a lot of women, especially western women, tend to secretly like jerks though many won't admit it and most of the asian men I run into fit the stereotypical nice guy mold.I generally don't think it is a good idea for Asian men to marry white women, or white men to marry Asian women due to the cultural difference.I did end up marrying a white woman, but she isn't from North America.I think the attitude problem lies specifically with white women in the heartland of North America.

Maybe I would've had better luck on the West Coast, who knows, but I haven't lived there.

Hi everyone Everytime I go outside, I can see many foreign guys with a Chinese girlffriend, but I never see any foreign women with a Chinese boyfriend.

This question can sound weird but I really wonder why?

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  2. Get tips & suggestions on how to go about meeting and dating single Asian women for long-term relationships and what to avoid when dating Asian girls.

  3. Another thing that a lot of Asian men told me is that most Asian girls born and raised in Canada prefer not to go for Asian men and plus in my opinion it is always good to have options, I personally think an attractive male that is Asian, Westernized, and has a lot going for him should be able to date any race.

  4. Arrogant and ignorant for Asian men to handle. When I came to Canada for the first time, I was like others, who wished to date a White Canadian girl and assimilate into Canadian society. Speaking from my experience interacting with those girls, they don't care about anything but themselves. Why don't I just meet a girl who.

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