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Dating different men

Hovering parents can be really overwhelming, and God help you if she doesn't like you. He believes in you and respects your opinions and views, as long as they align with his and his mother's of course. His personality is infectious and incredibly charming.

Positive Traits: This guy is likely a promoter, so he has all the hookups to the coolest places. Negative Traits: He is constantly surrounded by pretty girls, many of whom couldn't care less that he's taken.

Positive Traits: He's super smart and really involved in his academics.

He values what you have to say and your points of view because he's always curious.

Positive Traits: Frat guys are always having a good time. Eventually you'll outgrow the need to go out every night of the week. Positive Traits: He's cunning, witty, and usually much bigger of a teddy bear than he lets on.

They have their own friends, so they aren't needy and are cool with you having an independent life. He'll introduce you to some really fun — likely illegal — activities.

If it isn't about the newest mixer, he doesn't want to hear it. The music life is fun and all, but three concerts a week can drive anyone insane.

Sure, weed isn't dangerous, but problems arise when it's the only thing he wants to do.

Either that or explain to your parents why you haven't made it to a single morning lecture.

Positive Traits: Anyone that's interested in music is pretty cool to date.

He'll always have new stuff for you to listen to and are down to go to any and every concert you choose.

Negative Traits: He literally thinks in beats per minute.


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