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Dating gl basses

This may also explain the unique tone and sustain of these instruments, coupled with the fixed bridge most of them sport.The necks on these guitars will probably never fail due to their incredible strength.The vast majority of GL's however feature the newer "back-loader" design.The L series have the most widely varied options on them, as almost every single feature Ned designed was available on these units: Trans Trems (both guitar & bass), S-Trems, 12 string bridges, DB bridges for bass, active & passive EQ, most pickup configurations - all were available options throughout the years.This was relayed by Jeff Babicz, a former Newburgh employee who was hired early on and eventually became plant manager around the time of the Gibson buyout.He was on there on staff when the first GL's were made.

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The L series went on to define the company, inspire a generation, and totally revolutionize the guitar building business.Approximately 1500 L2's and less than 50 L1's were produced.A few of the earliest have an EMG pickup housing with the molded letters "EMG" on it, rather than the familiar small corner foil logo we know today.When the factory moved from it's original location in Brooklyn to Newburgh they continued to make the L2's.But they also started work on a guitar and new bass version.It's revolutionary design was inspiring to both artists and technicians alike.Musicians bought his instruments as fast as he could make them.Actually there was one model year where both the L2 and XL2 basses were both available for about 6 months.The newer XL design included some major changes: It's also interesting to note the early "P-" numbered GL's until recently were thought to be prototypes.Since these one piece composite basses had now become commonly known as "L's" the overall name was kept.The new models were then specifically tagged as the XL (bass) and GL (guitar).


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