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Dating griswold pans

"Aunt Ellen" was the author of Griswold's "Booklet on Waterless Cooking", given free to purchasers of the Tite-Top Dutch Oven.

Her picture appeared in advertisements for the cook pot in journals such as Good Housekeeping.

If you’re taking a picnic along, you should know a few food safety rules so you can pack, transport, and eat your meal without the threat of food poisoning.

After a fire destroyed the foundry in 1885 a reorganization took place and the company was renamed to Griswold Manufacturing Co. was sold twice resulting in Griswold's main competitor, Wagner Manufacturing, taking ownership of the name and trademarks.

It is on account of these wonderful Cast Iron utensils that you have such fond recollections of the rich, juicy steaks and chops your grandmother used to serve." – Aunt Ellen Griswold cast iron pots and pans, skillets, dutch ovens, and other kitchen items had a reputation for high quality, and they are well known to antique collectors and sellers.

The easily recognized "cross" logo seen on Griswold products from the 1910s through the 1960s was modified several times over the years.

She was given the job of handling letters asking for advice on using the company's products.

In the 1920s she began publishing recipes and advice on cooking with cast iron using the pen name of "Aunt Ellen".

General Housewares made products under the Griswold and Wagner brands until 1999, when it closed and the manufacturing and brands were acquired by American Culinary Corporation of Willoughby, Ohio "One is considered fortunate nowadays if by chance one of these iron utensils is handed down to them from the second to the third generation.The first aluminum cookware was a tea kettle made around 1893.In 1903 the company moved to new premises at 12th and Raspberry Streets.The Internet has opened up a myriad of ways to identify cast iron.It is a relatively easy process to do a Google “images” search on the web for the words or markings on a piece to see if you can find a match.The plant in Erie, Pennsylvania, was closed in December 1957.Randall Corporation, the owner of Wagner since 1952, sold both companies to Textron in 1959.The Griswold family retained ownership until 1947 when the firm was sold to an investment group. I was happily using modern Lodge iron and then I bought this #8 and was immediately impressed. David also sells fine old cast iron at very reasonable prices from this site.To me, this was notable for two reasons:(1) Many of these pans already had the fabled "glass smooth" bottom texture and abundant-yet-homogenous seasoning; and (2) They were surprisingly inexpensive (say, an average of ). A roasted boneless leg of lamb makes an impressive centerpiece for your table, but this recipe is easy enough to pull off any time.Is this a good average price for a good, flat Griswold? The selection included some crepe-type griddles I've never seen before, and even a "Bacon & Eggs" rectangular griddle that had two preformed egg wells and a separate trough for frying bacon. A classic gremolata perfumes the lamb; the mixture of garlic, lemon, and parsley holds its own against the strong flavor of the meat. Summer is in full swing, which (hopefully) means trips to the park or the beach.


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