Dating of generation y

The biggest blunder for this generation is having too many options available without a concrete filter to help them narrow down their choices.

They get what I call the ‘Buffet Effect’ when it comes to online dating; i.e., they want to try it all and always think there’s a better option out there.” Though some may find it challenging to balance these high expectations with reality, most Gen Xers have already learned some valuable love lessons at this point in their lives, which can also serve them well in the dating field.

— makes my life and my partner’s life far more transparent to the other person,” observes Adam Nelson, 23, a graduate student in Minneapolis, MI.

Yet, as much transparency as millennials already have with their partners, there’s also been a subtle effort within the group to “curate” their interpersonal communications — something that can get a bit tiring after a while.

Less structured dating, but with more frequent communication “Most millennials (who are now in their twenties) are a much more laid-back and casual group when it comes to dating and love,” explains Justin Szabo, salesperson for Dara’s Diamonds in Los Angeles.“We are less stable in so many ways — financially, emotionally, and in our lifestyles.This can translate into feeling a bit of uncertainty in the dating world as well.” The good news is that millennials are finding new ways to define both themselves and their romances.We compose clever responses in hopes of shining a better light on ourselves, and in the end, it isn’t purely honest.Honest moments are harder to find — at least in the early stages of dating, anyway.” High expectations about love — served with a side of anxiety So, what makes millenials such successful daters?“I am college-educated myself and can’t help but want to be able to provide for my girlfriend and her kids.” Certainty in wants and needs makes forging a new relationship challenging “We know some things about life, and hopefully, we know ourselves and feel comfortable inside our own skin,” says author Ellen Pober Rittberg.And Aimee Elizabeth, best-selling author of want in a relationship, so we tend to be more rigid and inflexible.” This can make meshing two individuals into a solid couple somewhat challenging for this generation.“Boomers do take someone’s financial means into account,” says Washington, D. “For example, a sixty-something widow expects his partner to be financially responsible, to have her own income, and to contribute fully to the household.Also, for my boomer clients, having children is not usually part of the dating equation.It’s more about ‘Will this new person get along with my kids (and grandkids)?’” When it comes to dating, no time-wasting is allowed “I cut right to the chase,” says ghostwriter Becky Blanton, 57, regarding her method of expressing interest in someone new.


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