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As Helen Fisher, Ph D and advisor to Match, commented to The Washington Post, "One thing that Trump doesn’t have is impulse control, and that’s very appealing to this group of people."Clinton fans, meanwhile, were 129% more likely than Trump supporters to drink red wine, and 606% more likely to identify as gay; they were also 102% more likely to lie about how many sex partners they've had.While voting and dating may not have much to do with one another, if you're looking for love and were waiting for a sign to get involved in this year's race, this may be it.” Uncle Fred looks at him like he’s talking French (or Vietnamese).

Now, however, he decides to speak up, with a sneer: “You know you and your ‘friends’ were just over there for imperialist purposes, right? Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you know someone who needs this shirt.I always stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. I have a good sense of humor and love to make jokes. Věk 52 z Exton, Pennsylvania Online - Včera Žena Hledající Muž (6726 Km daleko) I am an energetic, engaging, thoughtful person who loves life and finds happiness in the simple things. A friend once called me the shiny dime in the coin jar. Nature, being active, day trips and outings, beach, restaurants, plays and concerts bring me pleasure. Věk 67 z Athens, Ohio - Online Nyní Žena Hledající Muž (7181 Km daleko) I'm a retire school teacher. I really like cruising and have visiting Italy on my bucket list. (Most Ok Cupid users identified as liberal, so they analyzed the data by comparing the percentage of liberals who use a word to the percentage of conservatives who used the word.) Some are obvious, like liberals loving , NPR, and marijuana, while conservatives posting more about religion, guns, and the military.But some of them are totally crazy — and show that you might be giving away more information than you think on your profile, even if you don't list your political affiliation anywhere.” He hogs the after-dinner conversation with talk about gun deaths and how great gun control would work in Chicago if it were just given a chance. And that’s why we’re going to turn you on to a Christmas gift from our friends at Patriot Depot (owned by the same wonderful people who bring you Conservative Tribune) that isn’t just treating yourself or another conservative father. He criticizes your neighborhood: “Mc Mansions are going to kill this earth. You can totally live in about 200 square feet, man.” And then the : he asks if that delicious figgy pudding is vegan. It’s a .99 investment against a slice of fresh hell: RELATED: CNN Will Be Furious After Trump Golf Course Has Permanent Replacement for White Truck Yes, that’s right. You might have some online-dating deal breakers, like swiping left on anyone who mentions Nickelback or has a shirtless bathroom selfie as a profile photo.But you might want to look closer at potential dates' profiles the next time you log on, because a new study shows that simple stuff like TV preferences can speak volumes about a person's values.The online dating service Match has just released the results of its sixth annual Singles in America study, and with the presidential election rapidly approaching, researchers zeroed in on how politics and dating collide.After surveying 5,504 single American adults, ranging from 18 to over 70, Match found that singles who are passionate about politics have 13% more orgasms, and are 32% more likely to have multiple orgasms than the uninvested.


  1. You're Giving Away More in Your Online Dating Profile Than You Think. And Democrats who mention any sort of career are more likely to say they. Customer Service;

  2. Online dating service Match is uncovering the differences between how Democrats and Republicans date.

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