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When your profile headshot creates better on line first impressions, they get more noticed.

Noticeable lasting benefits come with being noticed.

It is a surprisingly effective online marketing tool that you have available at your disposal but is under-used and in a lot of cases – not even understood!

You will have no doubt seen hashtags, the # symbol that’s found online throughout the world of social media – particularly on Twitter.

Pretty much every girl on there are so stuck up and shallow like I usually get my friend requests and messages ignored.

Even when I do end up talking to a girl she'd usually give me short blunt replies then after a few exchange messages she'd just randomly drop me.

The young Internet personalities, both of whom are part of Jake Paul's Team 10 crew, have been really close on their respective accounts lately.Not to mention, while performing the group's song "Its Everyday Bro" for the first time on stage, Chance gave Tessa a smooch on the cheek. He also recently posted an Instagram photo of them together and wrote, "Maybe I should've told her we were just going to the movies." (Tessa was dressed up.) She's also been sending out some cryptic tweets like "There's somethin special about you" and "Ever since I met you, no one else has been worth thinking about" So what's the story? The purpose of this petition is to show Texas Legislators that we believe tougher laws should be passed to make it a criminal act if a registered sex offender is a member of an online dating/social media website.People know most of us generally make the best first impressions we are capable of making. Many people viewing your social media site have not seen you in years or decades.The impression we make with our online presence is thus seen as our very best efforts at showing ourselves at our best. Your headshot is all they will visually know of you.A good headshot, seen of us looking our best, results in heightening desire for our viewers to engage with us.At Phoenix Headshots by Yucel, your profile photos will have you looking your best, and yes, the photos still look very much like you… We feel that current law to keep the online dating community safe, does not place any responsibility upon the sex offenders who are deceptively using online dating/social media websites to search for their next victim and that these sex offenders should be held accountable for their actions.As constituents, we are tired of hearing about sex offenders who intentionally prey on lonely hearts in search of their victims, not only adult victims, but to befriend an adult in plans to sexually assault their children.If you have a Dating profile online, or if you are engaged in Social Media, like Linked In or Facebook, you stand out or blend in in direct proportion to how well you manage your social media image… With on line dating, if you image is lack luster the quality of your matches are reflective of this. Yet, if your Social Media Headshot isn’t the very best of which you are capable, your most public image, the one people see on line, is not up to snuff.Why invest so much times and money on wardrobe, gym memberships and bling possessions only to have dates with people who aren’t really up to your standards, because of a profile headshot that doesn’t show you at your best? That is, it makes you seem something less than you in reality are.


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