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” PC Rob Andrews, from Essex roads policing unit, said: “Dash cam footage is proving crucial for many road-related incidents as the evidence it provides is priceless.“In this case, we were able to see exactly what had happened without doubt and took appropriate action.Cassie’s mother Jackie Mc Cord said although it was heartening to see the law being used to protect motorists and pedestrians, she would still like to see mandatory eye tests, especially for older drivers.She said: “I think the very fact police are able to revoke her licence is a plus, I am so pleased they are able to do that.“It seems it is used only when something happens, we need to be more proactive, not just reactive.

“But every time I hear about the law being used, it reminds me there are still people out there who should not be on the roads.Jackie Mc Cord, 57, described the figures as “fantastic” but insisted more should be done to crack down on motorists who pose a safety risk.Eye tests should be part of insurance renewals and GPs should encourage older patients showing signs of poor vision to be tested, she suggested.Williams said the number of suspicious claims on all CNA policies, including fire, automobile theft and workers' compensation, had risen 63 percent in the last year.We, therefore, have chosen to continue making reservations by telephone rather than online.The Trio Zur's repertoire included music by the composers Astor Piazzolla, Richard Galliano, Kepa Junkera, Jovan Zivkovic, Rodolfo Mederos, as well as of Mexican and Irish composers. For your evolving body and nutritional needs, Pomologyhas optimized the antioxidant strength of superfruits including Pomegranate, Acai, Blueberry, Green Tea, Goji and more for both your daily nutrition and needs for targeting specific conditions.Word has reached us from Greenville Precinct 28, homeof Bob Jones University, that God is a Republican.Her daughter Cassie Mc Cord, 16, was killed when a car mounted the pavement in Colchester in February 2011.The driver, Colin Horsfall, then 87, had failed a police eye test three days earlier but refused to surrender his licence. Under the new system – ‘Cassie’s Law – the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) can revoke a licence almost immediately after receiving an emailed report of a failed eye test from police. Police can administer a roadside eye test, which involves reading a numberplate from 20 metres away, if they have concerns over drivers.The law was named after 16-year-old Cassie Mc Cord who was knocked down and killed by an elderly driver who had failed a police eyesight test just three days before, but refused to give up his licence.The law gives police the ability to quickly revoke a licence of someone posing a threat on the roads.


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  6. Cassie’s Law has ‘saved 1,000 lives potentially’, says former Ipswich mum Jackie McCord. PUBLISHED 28 November 2016. Matt Stott

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