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Distributed cache updating for the dynamic source routing protocol ppt

is the directory selected when MQ was installed to hold MQ data files.Trace-file names have the following format: AMQppppp.D..."...' 00000010: B501 0000 4D51 5246 4832 2020 0000 0000 'µ... However, the limit is 63 KB when using shared queues accessed by queue managers in a queue-sharing group.MQRFH2 ....' 00000020: B804 0000 0C00 0000 3C6D 6364 3E3C 2F6D '¸....... In MQSeries for AT&T GIS UNIX, MQSeries for Compaq Open VMS Alpha, MQSeries for SINIX and DC/OSx, MQSeries for Compaq Non Stop Kernel, and MQSeries for VSE/ESA the Max Msg Length defaults to 4 MB.amqmtbn - alert monitor (taskbar) - net stop "IBM MQSeries" - the logger - COM server - alert monitor (task bar icon) - command server - channel pooling process - repository process (for clusters) - . MQ v 5.3 Application Programming Guide, SC34-6064-02, page 19 [41/643].- shared memory server(s) - deferred message processor - OAM process - rc = 2035 amqzlaa0- queue manager agents (LQM agents) amqzllp0- checkpoint processor amqzxma0- processing controller, execution controller - process id "1" - channel initiator - listener Read An Introduction to Web Sphere MQ queue manager processes (mq v6) Description of MQ tasks : When a queue manager is running, you see some or all of the following batch jobs running under the QMQM user profile in the MQ subsystem. AMQCRS6B LU62 receiver channel and client connection (see note). MQ v 6.0 Application Programming Guide, SC34-6595-01, page 19 [39/601].DLQ') # Explorer browse data : #define MQFB_QUIT 256 - .00 // means "see MB log" !#define MQFB_APPL_CANNOT_BE_STARTED 265 - .09 #define MQRC_PUT_INHIBITED 2051 - .06 #define MQRC_Q_FULL 2053 - .08 #define MQRC_UNKNOWN_ALIAS_BASE_Q 2082 - .22 #define MQRC_CLUSTER_RESOLUTION_ERROR 2189 - .8D Sending messages to a distribution list In MQ on all platforms except z/OS, an application can send a message to several destinations with a single MQPUT call.

...****Message descriptor**** Struc Id : 'MD ' Version : 2 Report : 0 Msg Type : 8 Expiry : -1 Feedback : 0 Encoding : 546 Coded Char Set Id : 437 Format : 'MQHRF2 ' Priority : 0 Persistence : 0 Msg Id : X'414D5120514D5820202020202020202049F830F420003B02' Correl Id : X'000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000' Backout Count : 0 Reply To Q : ' ' Reply To QMgr : 'QMX ' ** Identity Context User Identifier : 'mqm ' Accounting Token : X'16010515000000AA0C49B28692DB65B26D507AF401000000000000000000000B' Appl Identity Data : ' ' ** Origin Context Put Appl Type : '11' Put Appl Name : 'C:\sebas\Eines\rfhutilc.exe' Put Date : '20090504' Put Time : '11153824' Appl Origin Data : ' ' Group Id : X'000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000' Msg Seq Number : '1' Offset : '0' Msg Flags : '0' Original Length : '-1' **** Message **** length - 78 bytes 00000000: 5246 4820 0200 0000 4400 0000 2202 0000 'RFH .... In Web Sphere MQ for z/OS, the Max Msg Length attribute of the queue manager is fixed at 100 MB and the Max Msg Length attribute of the queue defaults to 4 MB (4 194 304 bytes) which you can change up to a maximum of 100 MB if required.The "log_buf_len" parameter may be useful if you need to capture more output.acpi_enforce_resources= [ACPI] Check for resource conflicts between native drivers and ACPI Operation Regions (System IO and System Memory only).IO ports and memory declared in ACPI might be used by the ACPI subsystem in arbitrary AML code and can interfere with legacy drivers.strict (default): access to resources claimed by ACPI is denied; legacy drivers trying to access reserved resources will fail to bind to device using them.However, you can use the dmpmqlog command to dump more log records using one of the following options to change the start position of the dump: DEFINE QLOCAL ('QL.DLQ') DESCR('Dead Letter Queue.') PUT(ENABLED) GET(ENABLED) DEFPSIST(YES) // message persistence to be used when applications specify the MQPER_PERSISTENCE_AS_Q_DEF option SCOPE(QMGR) MAXDEPTH(50000) // 999.999.999 MAXMSGL(104857600) // 4194304 REPLACE alter qmgr DEADQ('QL.Publish/subscribe, page 66 [74/114] The MQRFH2 header contains information about the structure of a message, and its intended consumers, to enable a message broker to process the message and deliver or publish the message to those consumers. RUNMQCHL Sender channel job that is started for each sender channel. If Default Bind Type is set to ISOLATED, then applications and the queue manager run in separate processes, and no resources are shared between them. Ubicació de les trasses : (*** llegir amb EDTF ***) /Root/QIBM/User Data/mqm/errors o /Root/QIBM/User Data/mqm/qmgrs/QMANAGER.The value 'MQRFH2 ' should be put in the Format field of the preceding header (usually the MQMD). The amqzlsa0 process will not be running throughout the life of the queue manager. AS400/errors runmqsc - fer servir MQ Scripts Channel problems : Use the wrklnk command and then option 5 to display the error logs.Publish/subscribe, page 67 [75/114] Name Value Length This field specifies the length, in bytes, of the Name Value Data field that follows this field. Do critical utilities, as the journal chain manager. Once isolated bindings are enabled, then amqzlsa0 is called to initialize the resources that are necessary to support isolated bindings, and the Web Sphere® MQ processes interacts as usual. Generally for any "channel" issues this (the error logs) is the best place to start.Name Value Data This is a variable-length character string containing data that is encoded using an XML-like structure. Used to start up and manage listeners and services. Do critical utilities, as the journal chain manager. wrkmqmchl (work with Channels, OS/400 Main Menu) 5 = Visualizar (Refresh) 14 = Iniciar (Start) 15 = Finalizar (Stop) wrkmqm - treballar amb un Queue Manager. cat export CLASSPATH=./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./jar export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:./providerutil.jar: echo Ara mateix el CLASSPATH es .....


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