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Instead of decrying the premise (Women who smoke are far more promiscuous), let me offer the following contrary example: I AM NOT a Woman! I was born a male and was a world class slut even as guys go! Just like the joke, How many men does it take to screw a light bulb? For some reason, men are a little "put off" even though I have started hormones and the boobs came out pretty well.

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your guess as good as mine, but undoubtedly for more business. Got to go have a smoke and Maw wants me to bring the dammed garbage out.I've never cheated on anyone..a date, not a husband, NO ONE.Therefore, I'd kinda like to know where ya get your info that makes it look like if I smoke, I'm not only unfaithful, I'm also boinkin anyone and everyone? not that kind of risky behaviour..ppl who smoke first tarted smoking in highschool or ppl who smoke were considered somewhat of the cool are some of the things the cool kids do in order to b cool? My Aging Funny Bone is part of the Senior Resource website. Geezer Planet Michael Principato is the creator and webmaster. Perhaps people who break social taboos are a bit more likely to do so in all areas of their life, but I too think the results are skewed.I'm sure your %'s are right as far as the smokers go, but what in heaven's name makes you lump all female smokers into such a group (promiscuous)?Even on this site women who smoke are 30% more likely to be looking for intimate encounters or message such users than expected.All that Admin is writing about is, what is "well known" in the dating industry and "many sites try and target women (who smoke)".I think that because there is such a public outrage about smoking in general (and because so many businesses like bars, restaurants etc.have been put out of business because of smoking bans) that smokers of both sexes turn to dating sites as a last resort.


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  4. Funny comments, humor, satire, and guff from the geezer, an eccentric senior citizen. Give \'em guff, geezer!

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