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A new colour-coded car emissions sticker system has come into force in Paris - and if you don't have the correct one you face fines of between £58 and £117 (€68 and €135).

While most British holidaymakers driving in France will give Paris a wide berth, a sizeable number will make a trip into the city - and they will now find they need to sign up to an emissions scheme, or that older cars may even be banned.

In order to apply for a sticker online drivers will need to know the European Emissions Standard of their vehicle.

For newer vehicles, covered by Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, the information you need may be found in section D2 of your DVLA V5C registered keeper form, the RAC said.

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These vehicles that fail to fit meet the emissions limits of even the highest Crit-Air group will not be allowed access to the capital between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday.

As well as these older cars, motorcycles and scooters registered before 2000 and buses and trucks before 2001 will also not be granted a vignettes.

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