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To put this in context, we need to cycle back to a few hours before most hookups even begin.Many women I interviewed for my book, told me that in order to have hookup sex, they have to prepare before they go out partying.Just make sure to show even more love for the Stonewall veterans on the float before them (Group 11).Those equally sexy seniors are the reason why you’re standing on Fifth Avenue in the first place.Famous for its poster showing Schumer holding a bottle of booze in a drunken state and its trailer that starts out with the chant “monogamy . Here’s the problem: In a society choked with male violence against women, you can’t take a potentially explosive situation such as hookup sex and simply flip the genders of the “savior” and the “screwup.” Hookup sex is way more complicated for women than men because for women it is filled with emotional baggage and the potential for physical danger.

But before that, maybe read up on the two other grand marshals, Brooklyn diversity activist J.

With Friday morning’s landmark Supreme Court ruling giving a thumbs up to same-sex marriage, New York’s gay community has some celebrating to do.

The city is going to go bananas at Sunday’s annual gay pride march.

And while you’re at it, put down your to-go cup, grab a free bottle of Vitaminwater (Section 2, Group 16) and raise it in a toast to Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund (Section 2, Group 11), which helped lead the SCOTUS fight for marriage equality.

Raise it again for the Stonewall Project (Section 5, Group 20), which lobbied for — and on Tuesday won — official city landmark status for the legendary Stonewall Inn.


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