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Go ara dating

I guess not...처음올립니다This is my first time posting.-- No=50087096734윤 호- 계속 곤 인 아웃 하더니ㄽㅌㄹ(w.ㅇㄹ)Yunho - In and out of his house Restaurant (W.

Ara)Okay, the last part might seem a little weird but some stalker fans do put initials.

There were some happenings because of the number of people but we all had lots of fun.윤호,아라 둘다 에너지가 넘치는 친구들이라 같이 있다보면 그 기운을 받아서 나까지 기분이 좋아지는거같아요멋진 동생들이죠^^Cool friends ^^--Translation by [email protected] 얼마전에 아침쯤에 영화관가서 영화보고있었는데요A few days ago, in the morning, I went to the theater to watch a movie뒤에 누구 모자 푹 눌러쓰고 키득키득대는거에요Somebody behind me wearing a hat was laughing자세히보니까I looked closely유노윤호랑 고아라!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 완전깝놀I was totally surprised저 모든걸 다 걸고 얘기합니다 확실해요I'm risking everything to tell you.

It's true.고아라 이특이랑 사귄다고 들었는데I heard Go Ara and Lee Teuk were going out갈아탔네요...

This was when he separated them by sending Ara to Japan to film Blue Moon.

Netizens believe that Yunho and Ara are really going out.

Last night I found a insider blog talking about current relationships between certain celebs and Yun Ra came up.

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Yun Ra have had four "dates" with each other.1st "Date"Oct 15 - Yun Ra, Yunho's security, Yunho's manager all go to a bowling alley and then to a karaoke place.2nd "Date"Oct 22(?

I'm kicking myself right now because I did bookmark the page but this morning when I clicked on it, the post had been deleted for some reasons.

I'm not sure how reliable this is but from what I read about Yoochun and Minyoung, I think it is.

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