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Most upsetting to me was sometimes the other boys, all circumcised, would make fun of my foreskin. (Check out the old lady in the audience, back right corner. ) PS: No nude swimming when I took swimming in school, ala early 90s, but just a few years before I attended Jr High there had been!I was later "cut" in my early 20's for medical reasons and wish I'd had it done as a baby when I would have had no memory of it. there was no swimming -but there definately was required showering after whatever athletics we were doing - HATED all of it - except the after school swimming -- and showered with my glasses on (being pretty blind) and NOT wanting to miss any eye candy. I was a member of the Boys Club and even the Y as a child and there was zero nudity save for the showers. Don't know why the girls got suits--that's just the way it was. And the guys did wear suits at swim meets, probably because the other teams wore them.Today, nobody is required to shower after physical education.Kids stink if they have PE too early in the day, especially in warm weather.....It would mean the world to my family & I if we could make a massive donation to this incredible organization.

Follow us at and on Twitter @mcrperegrines More video clips at: RSPB - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Varsity Swimmin - 2 years -- red speedo's all around.. A very small wet red speedo was bad enuff - especially at "meets" with an audience -- I can't imagine a whole class of nude swimming -- I never would have gone out for the team ! I find it hard to believe there was nude swimming back in the day just so "lint" wouldn't clog the filters? When I was in Junior High (12 yrs old) in the mid-60's, a bunch of parents in the neighborhood decided it would be a good idea for us 'kids' to take swimming lessons.. We were NOT required to swim nude, and boy am I glad we weren't!! There's a whole kind of bizarre history to this btw that goes back over a hundred years, to the Teddy Roosevelt days.

I was older than the rest of the kids and going thru an early puberty.... Whenever we got changed back into our street clothes in the locker room, my dick would involuntarily get HARD....every single time!! If I had been required to swim nude, I'd be totally mortified..probably whould have been mentally traumatised by it. We had an indoor pool at my school and yes, we were required to swim nude. The idea was that modesty was just for girls, and that real he-men were never embarrassed to be nude in front of their fellows. It wasn't until much later that young men began to worry about the possibility that there were queers among them who might be enjoying the whole thing for the wrong reason...

LA Blade “Every Day” Author David Levithan Talks About The Movie’s Next-Level Take On Gender Fluidity New Now Next Went to see @adamlambert performing with #Queen in Sydney and it was fabulous.

Adam’s voice is astounding and he does not need to apologize for not being Freddy Mercury. No need to apologize Brian you bring beauty and vulnerability to my fave Queen song!


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