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Whilst we’ve been adapting to users becoming more mobile, has Apple just given us reason to throw our plans in the bin and start over again? In the last few years, however, we have observed a solid change of pace, largely as a result of a maturing Internet, the miniaturisation of technology that has made smart devices a feasible size to wear and firms like Google leading from the front.

Read the magazine By Krishna Rao | 05 February 2013 | The latest data from Greenlight shows that in the lead up to Christmas, a total of 12 million searches were made on Google UK for Brown Goods and Amazon, which in August was the most visible site to these searches, was knocked off its perch by none other than Apple!

It is therefore up to every organisation to take all reasonable steps to safeguard the data they hold on behalf of 3rd parties.

There is no other option in today’s society – unless you want to throw away your business and see it going under through the courts.

There has now been an accusation from an aggrieved former staffer at Ashley Madison that innocent victims formed part of the mass data volume.

The employee, who had sought compensation in a grievance case against the dating agency, claimed that she had been recruited to make up spurious accounts to boost membership numbers and attract matches, along with an insidious claim that innocent people had been caught up in 3rd party data lists looped in and caught up in the resulting data dump.

View the blog post Today marks a huge milestone in the tech calendar - the Apple Watch is now available at a store near you.

We’ve known about it since September 2014, but we’re not sure how much will change once it hits the market, all we know is that everyone is very excited. As far back as 1810, Breguet made something called a 'pocket watch' for Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples.

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In a more positive regulatory twist this week, following a US appeal court ruling, the Federal Trade Commission has given the greenlight for a lawsuit against US hotel operator, Wyndham Worldwide, who suffered three breaches in 20.It is even larger than the My Space breach, which saw more than 360 million user records compromised.Needless to say, if you use any part of the Friend Finder Network, now is the time to change your password.This is the second time in two years that the Friend Finder Network has been breached, but last time, the scope and scale was fairly limited with a few million records being impacted.The incident is still under investigation, and it is not known at this time whether this breach and the last one are related.Avid Life Media in desperate attempts to try and position itself as the victim, has offered a £240,000 reward for information leading to the hackers of its IT systems.If the number of class action lawsuits (five at the latest count – 4 US and 1 Canadian) are anything to go by, Avid Life might be trying to raise the sum, not offer it in future, as more than 0 billion is already being claimed in damages, according to NBC News.This resulted in frauds totalling more than .6 million against its 619,000 customers whose personal details and credit card information was stolen.The FTC’s legal argument being that the hotel group failed to properly safeguard consumers’ data.On top of this, claims have emerged from security blogger Brian Krebs that leaked emails show that CEO Noel Biderman hacked into a competitors database, in 2012 to download and play with their customers’ accounts to make non-paying customers pay and create mythical messages between parties.Beyond Avid Life’s own low morale stance, an unsurprising but sad repercussion has been the news that cyber criminals are now reaching out to victims, claiming to have access to the stolen data and are targeting them with directions to click on spurious links that then open them to further malware threats.


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