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Gulnara dating yoshkar ola

We provide the anti-scam verification, ID check, passport check, criminal records check, identity check, background check and other investigative services.We helped thousands of single men to avoid the Russian dating scams since October, 2000.When I to her have told about this case, She very much was upset and has told, that this camera, the husband at date of birth, and that such has presented her The camera costs 250 $. In me with health all is good in my heart there are warmly your words I Always I think of you, about our relations with you????? Dear as you have asked me, I have gone to local travel agency Also would find out charges what to arrive to you. Dear I have found out, that it - is a lot of money, I thought, that it will be Much more cheaply I am simple, very much was mistaken, and only on it I have told it I very much am grateful to you that you want to me to help. As it is very serious step for me and to us all together need to be solved with you.She asks this money, that I have compensated this damage She does not want, that her husband has found out about it, and she insists, that I have returned her this money. I so would like to leave with you where - or, To overlook about all on light. I see, that we with you began more close to each other. And now I can inform you that me I love you!!!!!!!! And I have very much got used to you and I can not any more and live day without your letters. Dear as I have told you I shall go in local tourist agency. Dear mine I spoke with mum about that soon I shall leave to you in The Great Britain And she was very glad me to entrust to you my dear Andy, She very much was glad to this that we have got acquainted with you. Dear I I have found out, that in Kazan the visa is not made her unique probably It is necessary to go to Moscow.

I at all have not noticed, that I have lost a camera.

I do not know, that to me to make, I in despair and am very much tired, Because I can not give her such money at present. You excuse me, that I write you about the problems, you do not imagine as me at present hardly. If you were near to me, so it would be easy for me with you. That I do not answer on your last letter, but to me now so it is bad, That I do not know that to me to make. I have decided to ask about holiday in the boss, and she has allowed from me To go. She has congratulated me that I Very good employee. I have asked what to let out all documents in Moscow to me it is required 12 Days.

I do not know, why I tell to you all this, but to me have calmed down. Now I should go home, I feel, that I today at night, I shall not sleep. I do not know, how to me to carry out today this night? So it would be pleasant for me, if you were with me. You know that in Moscow I without your help can not live?????

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  2. Olga Kudryavzeva Russia Vladimir 163 Ofizerskaya Street Apt. 72 ekaterina chenobocova Russia Yoshkar-Ola street soviet 37 apt. 21 Natalia Mochalova

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