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Health care expiration dating policy

Using the Authorization Form Below are instructions on the use of the Authorization form.

Any questions about whether an Authorization form is needed or about using the form should be directed to the BU HIPAA Privacy Officer.

No changes should be made to the approved form without the approval of the BU HIPAA Privacy Officer.

Other Entities’ Authorization Forms Covered Components may accept and comply with authorizations on BU’s standard form, if sufficient information is provided.

When the parents are divorced, the fact that one parent has full custody does not mean that the other parent’s authority has been limited; a court order would state any such restriction.

If a Covered Component has reason to believe a parent who wishes to make decisions for, and sign Authorizations on behalf of, a minor child is not authorized to do so, the Covered Component should request a copy of the court order restricting a parent’s rights and/or specifying who may make decisions regarding the minor’s health care and who may sign Authorizations for the child.

It allows health care providers to provide treatment to individuals who have not attained the age of eighteen (18) based on the Informed consent of the Emancipated Minor.

Reasons for emancipation include: Note that a minor who is deemed Emancipated above may not consent to an abortion or sterilization.

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Each release of HIV test results must be authorized by a separate written authorization.

If the person requesting records or presenting an Authorization is not known to the Covered Component, the Covered Component must make reasonable efforts to verify the person’s identity and authority.

Following are common ways of verifying: The Covered Component may reasonably rely on documents presented that appear to be legitimate on their face.

Questions may be directed to the BU HIPAA Privacy Officer or the Office of the General Counsel.

Emancipated Minors Massachusetts law includes the Emancipated Minor statute.


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