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Biblical tales had a profound influence on the development of children's literature in general and Hebrew literature for children in particular.During the mishnaic-talmudic period the scope of education was enlarged and schools were established.New senses or usages of an existing word, an unusual spelling, or evidence of a different pronunciation are all welcomed.One of the principal tasks in revising the is describing the history of each word.

First by reading the scroll and then the book" (Deut. Legends and folktales, which had also gained popularity, were taught and the sages praised the "masters of the legend, who draw man's heart like water" (Ḥag. The many legends and parables scattered throughout the Talmud and the Midrash, with their charm and simplicity, attracted children in every generation.Providing the submission does not duplicate evidence already held in-house, it is filed electronically.The data is therefore available to Dictionary editors when they come to draft or revise the relevant entry.Books for Jewish children or passages addressing children in texts or manuscripts for adults were written in Europe for as long as Jewish communities were in existence.In fact, one of the first acts of a Jewish community in the process of establishing its communal life was the creation of an educational system for children.Every community facing the challenge of children's education responded to it, inter alia, by the production of texts for children.These texts endeavored to offer practical roads to the kind of socialization and identity the community wished to construct.Editors are looking in particular for earlier ( are generated by a web-based form (see below).When you press the submit button a message appears on-screen confirming that the data has been captured successfully, which means that your evidence has reached the .The numerous collections and versions in which these have appeared bear witness to this phenomenon.From the beginning of the Diaspora to the Haskalah, Jewish education was almost exclusively religious.


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