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Born same year with me,i only few month older than [email protected] , i want protect her lip form malicious actor, lol Hans/Hange/Hanji is my favorite character in the Attack on Titan anime/manga.I've watch some of her dramas such as puzzle, rich man poor woman n latest one dear sister. @Cd what, i think the most sexy part of her is her lips.i think she a wonderful actress who can potrays different characters very well. btw, satomi-san, i watched heartbroken chocolatier, and i just wanna say "you're the most beautiful bitc* that i've ever saw" gosh...i know how souta kun feeling right now.In fact her photo graced so many advertisement in subway stations and malls.I love her so much in Dear sister and 5to9 Yes, the best actress in japan. Saw her other works in tv dramas like rmpw, 5-9, definitely should commend her wonderful acting skills.Takuto Ninomiya has feelings for his roommate’s ex-girlfriend.

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A story about five university students gather to exchange information on their job search activities.Once said, at after party of this stage play, they caughtly kissing passionately for several times. However, after this was reported, Becky, Mori’s good friend, said that she was walking with them and that it was not a date 5. Hirosue Ryoko and Sato Takeru were said to be having an affair according to the 27th February 2014 issue of "Josei Seven", reported that Hirosue was caught visiting Sato Takeru's apartment on Valentine's Day while her husband was not in Tokyo 6. Some peole have mentioned that since first movie of Rurouni Kenshin, Sato Takeru has already had a crush on Takei Emi.He did various things to attract her attention, but somehow he failed. I was too busy ignoring this and I’ve been maintaining another blog. In the ocean of romance dramas, Tonbi went for family and by God! It was so simple yet so compelling and the lessons after one episode will haunt you and make you take a second look at your own life and family. Besides Takeru and Maeda being so cute here, the supporting cast is adorable too. ) Some people didn’t like the ending but I think it was just right. After two years and despite dating rumors with a certain leading lady, it’s probably the best time to confess and fulfill the promise. His heart’s not yours anymore so just let the tears fall. And no matter how drunk he is, not to mention cute stature and un Kenshin like strength, Takeru carried her to the taxi and went with her till she safely got home. Another AKB48 member and rumored to date Takeru sometime between 2008 to 2010. His love interest in Fuyo No Sakura (love this drama). I see my stats and noticed a number of people checking out my Sato Takeru tags from a long time ago. 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 13: The last Asian Drama you’ve seen? Rookies is the most BAKA filled drama and I’m not complaining. You may fall madly in love but you’ve got to love others too. He can captivate people with his huge eyes, those God-given lips and sexy locks all packed in a tight lean body. Any guy who genuinely cares for animals get super mega plus points in my book. He can literally play ANY role, from being a ”princess” to idiot to hero to villain. He may not know it but Takeru saved me from one of the loneliest day of my life… Last December, on my birthday, was probably the crappiest birthday I could’ve ever had if not for him. Not sure about the dating period 2007/ 2008 to 2010 (? When I was in Tokyo few months back, I kept alerting my husband."My favourite Japanese actress" and pointing to billboard ad.Distributor: Toho Language: Japanese Country: Japan Main Cast: Takeru Satoh as Takuto Ninomiya Masaki Suda as Kotaro Kamiya Kasumi Arimura as Mizuki Tanabe Fumi Nikaido as Rika Kobayakawa Masaki Okada as Takayoshi Miyamoto Takayuki Yamada as Takuto’s Senior Sawa #JMOVIE #Nanimono #Somebody #何者 #2016 #Masaki Suda #Kasumi Arimura #Fumi Nikaido #Masaki Okada #Takayuki Yamada #Takeru Satoh #Filmku Net From sato takeru official line 37 menit lagi 〇ストラボ東京の公式ページから見る場合 STOLABO TOKYO 公式HP:〇ツイキャスのチャンネルで見る場合 STOLABO TOKYO ツイキャスチャンネル: 〇You Tube Liveで見る場合 You Tube Live: Based on the rumor, they were dating for six months 2. On September 11th 2012, the tabloid 'Shukan Bunshun' published an article that shows how actor Sato Takeru had to carry Maeda Atsuko home after obviously having one too many drinks.v=Dw Hg CMy8zzs `REPOST´ [Shabekuri - Celebrity Love Rumor Scandal] Sato Takeru, a good-looking Actor and often being surrounded by women, even he gets a predicate "co-star killer" because he has been involved in rumor with several actresses he acted with. It was said that Maeda Atsuko decided to graduate from AKB48 because she wanted to have a lover which refers to Sato Takeru, but she was being rejected 3. During the press conference and promotion of stage play Romeo and Juliet in 2012, these two were praising each other. Josei Seven’s June 26th 2014 issue reported them having a late night date, and these dates happened several times.I went to the mall, went to Burger King and ate alone on the table. (chisms only) Two years later, she graduated and he’s Himura Kenshin, Japan’s boyfriend and our husband (no chisms) . I didn’t understand why on that day, on that hour, I was the only one inside Burger King who was eating alone. My sister came back that afternoon to remind me that we had to give the puppies to their new owners and leave our own puppy to the vet.


  1. Next week, the Akasaka ACT Theatre in Tokyo is finally going to raise the curtain for the latest stage adaptation of William Shakespeare ’s “ Romeo & Juliet.

  2. Posts about sato takeru written. After two years and despite dating rumors with a certain leading lady, it’s probably the best time. Ishihara Satomi. Ah, this.

  3. Takuto Ninomiya Takeru Satoh observes those around him. His roommate Kotaro Kamiya Masaki Suda has a bright personality and communicates well with others.

  4. Rohit Dec 18 2015 am satomi ishihara. I was delightfully surprised by how Ishihara Satomi managed to capture the quirkiness and excitement of the character.

  5. Good news Vinglers! umehime on tumblr upload the FULL play on youtube Note the language is in Japanese, no english subtitle Fans of Sato Takeru and Ishihara Satomi.

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