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Joomla dating extension

Exclude users: you can exclude users by their userid here, adding a comma separated list of user IDs.

Usefull if you want to exlclude your girlfriend from being listed in users results :) This will no prevent users to use the application, but they won't be listed in the results.

Other extensions providers give a big discount on their products or provide free component versions.

The extensions have fully customizable layouts and templates which you can configure as per the requirements.

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Take a look at all gallery views on the demo site under Extensions menu item.Tagging a user as 'Date' means that you would like to date that user while tagging a user as 'Down' means you would go down (have sex) with that user. Default would be: Minimum Age: How old a user should at least be to use the application.Possible Actions: Set if your dating feature should allow users to tag each other as "Date" for simple dating and or for "Down" (sex)Users per page: Discreet dating doesn't use the global Joomla paging. This parameter will be compared with the Date of Birth field value.If it's not set, user will be prompted to fill in this field.Distance Unit: Kilometers or miles Maximum Distance: Set the highest possible value for the distance filter Custom Fields: You van add custom fields to be displayed in the listed users thumbnail.Examples shown on the demo site are samples only, you may create your product details - the specification that may be different for each category.lightweight and very fast-loading design, get more visitors to your site thanks to SEO optimized code, high gtmetrix speed score - enter the demo url to check results, high page speed results, this template is mobile-friendly, passes w3c validator Most of extensions are provided by and you will get 100% voucher to download them for free!The dashboard displays different statistics, user count and levels, latest users, latest payments, latest reports. Configurable member level, ban option and user details including Reports & Payments. Administrator can see reports, act (ban, send warning, delete) and set their status. List of existing payments where the administrator can edit the status in case they require manual approval (for payments with IPN, but as pending, processing, etc.) Page Fields.The administrator can create custom fields, define there type (text area, dropdown, checkbox, radiobox, etc.), set them as required and specify the parameters.We also added few examples of DJ-Media Tools views as the alternative for the slider that is placed on the front page.Note: Since this is the very common question, please read it :) Thanks to flexible custom fields you may sell whatever you want with this classifieds Joomla template and create your search and product details criteria.


  1. The dating and matching Joomla! Extension, offering users fully editable member pages and custom fields which can be set by the site administrator.

  2. Welcome to "Love Factory" - Joomla Dating and Matchmaking Extension Demo Website! Love Factory is the only professional Dating Extension designed for Joomla. It can help you create premium Dating and Community sites with just a few clicks. If you need Love Factory for older versions of Joomla - ask us about them.

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