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We have a love hate relationship with the splash of drama that adding a filter brings to our photos.

As a society that is heavily reliant on social media, we’ve picked up tricks along the way to perfect our online presence to reflect a life that may not actually resemble our reality — this is the concept at the heart of the filters and editing tools that we know and love.

These include instances where police have deployed the cameras to search locations where persons have been in possession of knives or guns.

The development of ARK was recognised nationally earlier this year when Tactical Electronics were a finalist in the Security Innovation Awards, run by ADS, a trade organisation for companies operating in the aerospace, defence and security industries.

Since January 2012 Durham Constabulary has been involved in the development of new body cameras which can be worn by police dogs, mainly at firearms and other specialist operations.

The demonstration is scheduled to get under way at 1030am.If you are planning to attend please contact the Media & Marketing Team on 01 by midday tomorrow, Tuesday 9 April.'This camera - as opposed to the last camera - is mounted on the dog's back,' he said.'And because dogs when they're tracking or searching normally wear a harness anyway, they're very, very comfortable with something being on their back.Inspector Russ Robson added: 'This is something that is readily available so it is part of our armed response vehicle, so if there's a firearms job or a high-risk person missing from home, we do not need to have it brought to us.Users were given an IQ test to measure intelligence scores, and their profile photos were shown to other humans in order to estimate their perceived intelligence.(Disclaimer: the researchers understand that IQ tests are subjective and often involve a socioeconomic, even racist bias.Choose a picture that is realistic and shows you in a happy and natural light, and you’re sure to impress potential matches that could lead to a more realistic shot at making a connection..action_button.action_button:active.action_button:hover.action_button:focus,.action_button:hover.action_button:focus .count,.action_button:hover .count.action_button:focus .count:before,.action_button:hover .count:bullet.[public] created by dogs314 talk about animal screwing, hopefully make new friends.If you're interested in this then email me and we'll talk. Being mounted on the backs of the dogs means the cameras and fittings are more comfortable than the previous ‘headcams’ and remain secure for prolonged periods of time.The force also talked to the designers, Tactical Electronics UK about other equipment which could be used to assist search teams and officers dealing with other serious incidents.


  1. ARK in action at Durham & Cleveland Training Centre. By Tactical Electronics April 10. These ‘K9cams’ have replaced earlier cameras and are proving to be more.

  2. Our webcams are available during store hours. Please note that our webcams automatically redirect you to our main page after 10 minutes of viewing.

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