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It is contagious, so early diagnosis and treatment can help keep it from spreading.

See a doctor to review next steps and treatments and to help ease any discomfort.

If you have extreme pain, go to a hospital or call 911.

Pinkeye can be irritating but it rarely affects your vision.

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Most aren't serious, but it’s important to check with a doctor and get the right treatment if needed.Medicine prescribed in this period can reduce symptom severity and duration.Headaches can last less than an hour or continue for days. Check out the current weather, snow conditions, traffic, and watch special events. Turn those dreams into virtual reality with our webcams.Allergy symptoms occur when the immune system reacts to a foreign substance (pollen, bee venom, pet dander, medication). See a doctor if symptoms increase, especially after starting new medication.Often accompanied by abdominal cramping, diarrhea varies in severity and duration and is usually caused by a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection.If symptoms last more than a day, speak with a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. While most adult fevers can be treated symptomatically, a sudden fever or very high temperature may indicate the need for medical advice.Don’t hesitate to see a doctor, especially when a young child is involved.Condors fly in and out as they please; you might see a dozen or more at once, or you might not see any.By visiting Condor Spotter as you watch, you can identify individuals by their wing tags.


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