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but the surface pen can only call the onedrive that accesses onedrive personal (msa) not onedrive individual corporate, because there are two onenotes, one built into windows one into office.

yes im sorry, one drive for business is no longer developed but you use onedrive not for business to access your onedrive for business which is different from your personal onedrive, and also different from groups.if you want to mount your group/onedrive/sharepointteamsitedocumentlibrary as a drive letter without caching and syncing it we need to install a third party zeedrive service, because windows cant remount sharepoint drive letters on reboot microsoft wonders why people prefer dropbox/box....tldr: teams vs teamsites (completely different). now it brings you to a list of recent files as shown on a client served by the exchange server.i can add people to groups or teamsites from outlook groups or teams, right? to get to the correct sharepoint served web client, you need to click browse files in the upper right corner.so dont ever ever make them, but you will still have to click documents ever time you click the group. but if you want to make another document library to partition some large files into a different document library, to prevent accident giant syncs of data, you will need to click sync again. on every persons computer.) If someone scans something to the root of the shared20%documents folder, its inaccessable from teams because it didnt make it to a channel.And if they made a different document library, its roulette whether or not varous clients can see it or if they just autoassume shared20%documents.why is the follow button different in teams, outlook groups, and the sharepoint web interface! ( then there's the interesting conversation that ensues when someone says they can't send mail in outlook. Some people who have been around just refer to it as TFS (Team Foundation Services) but that is more closely tied to TFVC (Team Foundation Verison Control) but VSTS supports Git. I love analysis like this that does nothing more than describe how something is implemented. Why is Teams basically Skype/Lynx Sharepoint but not Office?yes there is a desktop teams app, but its really a copy of chrome without any chrome running web app locally on your computer, using at technology called electron which packages a client version of a javascript engine repackaged as a server repackaged as a client. Outlook on the desktop, for windows or for mac, or maybe on the web, either or outlook for business or outlook web access, or perhaps on mobile, on windows phone or android or i OS. It seems like writing a new outlook is the break-in project for any new team in microsoft, cause they have more outlooks than they know what to do with. The most effective criticism is that which simply describes and doesn't editorialize. Enterprise Architecture teams have their work cut out trying to describe the choices they make.from why when i follow an office 365 group team site document library (what should be called a group onedrive!!! nor file explorer.remember that time Bill Gates tried to download something off Microsoft's website. For some damn reason, in the teams app "Open in Sharepoint" is the term used to launch the onedrive group web client, but in exchange its Browse Library or Go to Site. When someone says "Visual Studio" won't work, do you mean VS Enterprise or VS Code--two totally different products.) does it NOT show up in either onedrive nor sharepoint. He should try using Office 365 for a week with a team of people. Come to find out they really mean which is sometimes call VS Online or more like VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services)."no not skype, what you want is skype for business (a completely different unrelated product), then you want to access a folder in your microsoft office 365 group team site document library (no not teams, thats different) through the onedrive client, unless in this case you want to use the sharepoint app, err no the onedrive app, err no the OUTLOOK GROUPS, no not the outlook app, the outlook groups app (not office groups??? ) app because the sharepoint AND onedrive app dont have that feature.You can access your group team site onedrive files from sharepoint, or outlook groups, or onedrive, but if you use the teams app you can only see the files stored in channels, which are the same as folders in your onedrive/sharepointteamsitedocumentlibrary except they are also chat rooms in teams.


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