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Afterwards is his first film in English, but sadly it doesn’t look like my kind of film at all.After Moliére and Paris were both a little disappointing, I think I must concede that Romain will never live up to L’Auberge Espagnol. I’m finally going to be able to see Paper Heart, the new film starring Charlyne Li and Michael Cera, as it will be released in the UK on the 13th of November.The saddest thing is that I recently found out they aren’t a real couple, which is disappointing as it was lovely to think that a sweet, nerdy girl like Charlyne could date the current indie boy heartthrob.It recently started on ABC Family in America and although it’s not a patch on the fantastic original, I’m quite enjoying it so far.Perhaps this is simply proof that I’ll watch anything as long as it’s aimed at teenage girls!Nicholas Hoult was the biggest star in Skins when it started, but now he has been far outdone by the success of Dev Patel in Slumdog Millionaire.However, he’s got some big projects coming up and may just overtake Dev if his performances in Clash of the Titans and A Single Man (fashion designer Tom Ford’s first film) go down well. Keira Knightley has already played one of literature’s best known female characters, Elizabeth Bennet, and now she’ll take on the role of Eliza Doolittle in the new film of My Fair Lady.

Kabluey mixes realism with surrealism – the main characters (played by Scott Prendergast, who also wrote and directed the film, and Lisa Kudrow) have ordinary, quite depressing lives, but the story is sweet and charming and there are many entertaining moments.

No other stars have been announced yet, but we know Daniel will play a character called Sebastian, a young journalist writing an article on an artist called Manuel Kaminski.

Speaking of cute foreign-language actors, Gael Garcia Bernal’s new film is out this weekend in the UK.

It’s really nice to see someone left to their own devices and I think more creative types should be allowed to do this, as it has worked so well with Kabluey and also with Me and You and Everyone We Know.

I’ll definitely be looking out for more of these artistic solo projects in the future.


  1. Is Charlyne Yi dating Michael Cera? ChaCha Answer There was a rumor about Yi dating Cera, but both have denied it.

  2. No, he does not have a girlfriend. Her name is Charlyne Yi. and they have been friends for a long time, rumors swirl about them dating for three years.

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