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"We discussed this issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin at our talks on the sidelines of an informal CIS summit in Moscow at the end of the last year.

I suggested the Russian foreign ministry commission its representatives to Moldova in the near future to discuss joint steps in this direction." The Moldovan president said he hoped such a visit would be organized by the end of January.

In this regards, deputies modified the decision no.

55 of April 1, 2016, by which the electoral period should have had to begin on the 30th of July 2016.

You will have opportunities to participate with a team reaching out to children and young people through Sunday school, kid's clubs, English lessons, youth meetings and summer camps. It’s a mobile ministry centre, outdoor cinema, health check-up clinic, bookshop, community centre, and meeting space.

As the driver, your responsibility is to operate the vehicle and to drive it to outreach locations in Moldova, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic.

The cancelation procedure is a temporary one and will be available only for the Presidential Elections from 2016.Afterwards, the voter will receive a confirmation on the preliminary registration by the e-mail address he/she indicated in the form.Pre-registration period will end 40 days before the Elections Day at the latest.So, I am doing my best for that and have won support from the Russian president.And I will not drop this course," Dodon pledged and expressed regret that not all in the Moldovan government and parliament understood that.The vehicle is registered as a truck so the driver needs to have a category C driving license (EU). "I am in favor of a reset in relations between Russia and Moldova at all levels."I have always understood that Moldova will not be able to survive as a state without strategic partnership with Russia.At the general presidential elections, the Moldovan people gave me a mandate to restore partner relations with Russia. Această voinţă se exprimă prin alegeri libere, care au loc periodic prin sufragiu universal, egal, direct, secret şi liber exprimat.Statul garantează exprimarea voinţei libere a cetăţenilor prin apărarea principiilor democratice şi a normelor dreptului electoral.


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