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Moroccan men dating black women

Some travellers find it persistent and bothersome, while others have little or no trouble with it at all.

Many women compare Morocco favourably with Spain and other parts of southern Europe, but there is no doubt that, in general, harassment of tourists here is more persistent than it is in northern Europe or the English-speaking world.

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It should be said, however, that such ideas are gradually disappearing among the urban youth, and you will nowadays find some Moroccan women drinking in the more sophisticated bars, and even more often in cafés, which were, until quite recently, an all-male preserve.Harassment will usually consist of men trying to chat you up or even asking directly for sex, and it can be constant and sometimes intimidating.In part this is to do with Moroccan men’s misunderstanding of Western culture and sexual attitudes, and the fact that some think they can get away with taking liberties with tourists that no Moroccan woman would tolerate.Without a doubt, one of the major disappointments of travelling in Morocco if you are not Muslim is not being allowed into its mosques.The only exceptions are the partially restored Almohad structure of Tin Mal in the High Atlas, the similarly disused Great Mosque at Smara in the Western Sahara, the courtyard of the sanctuary-mosque of Moulay Ismail in Meknes and the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.They’ll hang out with us or whatever, but at the end of the day, the usually wouldn’t bring us home to mom. They think they’re hot and f***able, but at the end of the day, they’re most likely not going to marry her, introduce her to important people in their life, or take her seriously as far as it comes to a relationship.” She didn’t say it in a bitter way or anything.A female friend of mine who’s from Palestine said that “A lot of Arabs look down on black people. To know that you won’t take someone seriously, but you’re just keeping her around to hang out with or like she’s some kind of ‘trophy’ to show off to your friends when you know damn well you don’t take her seriously is so selfish and inconsiderate. So you’ll hook up with a black girl but you won’t take her seriously in a relationship!? If you’re an Arab guy who does that, be happy I’m not in the room with you because surely you would get an epic slap :) Anyway, what is your opinion on this?When invited to a home, you normally take your shoes off before entering the reception rooms – follow your host’s lead.It is customary to take a gift: sweet pastries or tea and sugar are always acceptable, and you might even take meat (by arrangement – a chicken from the countryside for example, still alive of course) to a poorer home.Even ordinary T-shirts may be regarded as underwear, particularly in rural mountain areas.The best guide is to note how Moroccans dress locally.


  1. I’m going to show you five reasons why you should date Moroccan women so that you will be able. Single Senior Men; Dating Brazilian Women. the Black Sea, the.

  2. Now I don't mean light skin or biracial black women. I mean us darker skin females or are Moroccan men obsessed with lighter skin females?

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