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If you think you can handle being restrained or told how to restrain your self in a bondage Cams session then step inside the bondage bdsm rooms and begin that training online today with cruel femdoms from all over the world, who enjoy administering pain and pleasure in a live webcam show Get ready to be spanked and paraded online by females who love OTK and laughing at their slaves, sissies dilemma.We have women who just love to take their bare hand over your fleshy ass just for the fun of it, as well as those who do it for aliving. my son who is 12 and my daughter who is 10 quarrelling themselves for a TV remote I told them to stop ,after some time I heard a noise ,when I went their I saw the TV remote broken into pieces .i grabbed both of them by my arm to the living room , with some protest lowered their... I have had contacts with several moms, needing help with spanking from time to time. I can only imagine how many children will have grown up to become violent adults over all the centuries when... My husband and I use a wooden spoon most of the time, but for... I have through the years got some experience in spanking. That is the politically correct view these days, isn´t it?

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Head bowed, you await the order to lower yourself across her lap for your otk spanking.When she started high school my husband and I quit... Almost always on the bare with our hand or one of those paddles that come with a ball attached to it. nowadays shouldn't be spanked Parents get so afraid to discipline their children and want to be there "friend" it is our job as parents to discipline, correct misguided behavior. Most of these has been about girls in different ages. giving spankings but she would always threaten them which usually kept me in line. Children who are spanked grow up to become violent as adults, right?(we did cut the ball off) who still get spanked by her parents and my mum is really strict but I still why a girl in my age should be spanked there is a lot of ways for punishment I am new so I would really like to talk to mums like my mum and to teens in my situation who disciplines her kids.The most recent of these was last night, which included a long dose of the naughty stick (buy one here) and my wife's favourite paddle (cherry paddle).The description for the cherry paddle says get ready for screams and tears...I do feel that spanking is a great measure for kids.When I am at my wits end and still my kids will not obey, I will make them get undressed and I will spank them bare bottom regardless of their gender and age. and would like to start out with an introduction about me and my family! Allow me to tell you about our family: My husband and I have have a daughter who recently turned 17. On one occasion when i was in 8th grade we had these reading assignments do every other week where we had to read something and then write down what we read and at the end have our parents sign it...Her name is Tannah and she is a junior in high school and is a cheerleader. much but when those rare occasions arise and they need to be disciplined we believe in spanking them.


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