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No registration required adult naughty chat room

The text of the provision of law defining the criminal offense for which the sex offender is registered; (J) Notice and Acknowledgement Form of Registration Requirements.

All sex offenders will sign and acknowledge a notice and acknowledgement form which shall provide information regarding the registration requirements and duties of sex offenders.

Employer name, employer’s telephone numbers, physical address and mailing address of current and/or anticipated employment, and if applicable, transient/day labor information.

If the employment requires registrant to travel to different locales, then the registrant shall provide the specific names and addresses of the other locales; (D) Photograph.

Any person who is a non-resident who is on Guam for the purpose of being employed or as a student and has been or is hereafter convicted of a sex offense.

(b) Registration Requirements; Information to be Registered. All persons required to register shall provide all of the information detailed in this Section to the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Division, and the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Division, shall obtain all of the information detailed in this Section from any person required to register with Guam in accordance with this Chapter, and shall implement any relevant policies and procedures necessary to effectuate the intent of this code. To the greatest extent possible, all information obtained under this code shall be maintained by the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Division, in a digitized format. There is hereby established a Sex Offender Registry, which the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Division, shall maintain and operate pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter, as amended.

Any land line telephone numbers, pagers, cellular/mobile numbers, or any other designations used by the offender for purposes of routing or self-identification in telephonic communications, that the offender has access to or anticipates having access to; (G) Vehicle Information.

The license plate number and description of any vehicle, which includes all land vehicles, aircrafts, or watercrafts, whether owned or operated for work or personal use, to include a description of the vehicle, its permanent or frequent location; (H) Internet Identifiers.

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Name and address of any place where the sex offender is a student or will be a student, including the name and address of any secondary school, institution of higher education, trade school or professional school (public or privately owned), and enrollment status; (F) Phone Numbers.

The sex offender will be required to sign an acknowledgement that the information of the registration requirements have been provided upon their initial registration, and an original, photocopy, or electronic copy of the offender’s notice form signed shall be made available on Guam’s sex offender registry; and (K) Miscellaneous. Where the person required to register is a Federally protected witness, the person shall not be required to provide a photograph, alias(es), and original name, place of offense, date of birth, social security number or prior residence.

Any other information as may be deemed appropriate by the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Division, or the designated Guam agency in charge of managing the Sex Offender Registry. (B) Pardoned Convict or Conviction Reversed Upon Appeal.

This includes any information as to the name, place of employment and contact information as required in this Section, as well as any organization or business wherein the professional license was obtained and to which the registrant is affiliated or has some financial stake in; (L) International Travel.

Any intended travel plans or arrangements that the sex offender has, whether such travel is to an international jurisdiction or within the United States or its territories.


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