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Nursing home dating

Mark Dever and Bobby Jamieson take one position, I take the other.And let me admit up front, their position is theologically tidier.They wanted to remain kings themselves, which means they didn’t really mean to follow. I understand this woman is only dating and not marrying, but I understand dating to be a movement toward marriage.So, what do we do with a person who refuses to heed what the Bible says about joining ourselves to non-Christians (e.g. And for that reason, how she decides to handle this dating relationship is a test of repentance.

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to dictate his answer to me, so that I could offer you both our answers.

I assume you are asking about members of your church who are unable to attend?

This is a topic on which your friends at 9Marks actually disagree.

So there’s a sense in which taking the Lord’s Supper alone is like saying your wedding vows without your spouse-to-be. But, yes, I do think you can serve the Supper to a member who is physically unable to attend.

It’s “outside the definition of what the Lord’s Supper is by its very nature,” to use Mark’s language. Notice that I included the italicized word “almost” several sentences ago.


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