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So when Leslie finally gives Ann her approval, complete with color-coded binders and a uterine cartoon — “What’s more cuterus than your uterus? Plus, we got some solid jokes out of the adventure, like when real-life Harvard grad Rashida Jones pointed to a potential donor and said, “Oh, look, this guy went to Harvard!” and Leslie replied, “So did the Unabomber.” Also, it was great/vaguely depressing to witness the parade of Pawnee’s most eligible gentlemen, including the Douche and Joe the Sewage Guy.Their devotion to each other springs from Leslie's generosity — a lovely foundation for their friendship.Leslie doesn't stop helping Ann throughout the show, either.AND THEN EVERYONE GETS FOOD POISONING AHH SO GROSS HAVING BRIDESMAIDS FLASHBACKS.“Smells like some vomit took a dump in here,” reports Tom, who was spared this plague, like an Israelite with blood painted in his doorway, because he never eats what he Instagrams.The heartbreaking work of staggering from guy to guy that is her dating life always looked like a quest for companionship, not a means to an infant-spawning end.Ann was searching for someone who, as Hannah Horvath would say, “wants to hang out all the time and thinks I’m the best person in the world and wants to have sex with only me,” not necessarily someone who could get into the baby-making business with her.

Whether it was between Leslie and best friend, Ann Perkins, or the various other female characters, presented friendship as a fully fleshed-out concept: difficult at times, but ultimately positive.All this talk about wedding waffles and food rules is making me hungry.I want to get twelve eggs and part of a dead animal. The level of interest in Ann comes from a genuine place. The authenticity of Ann and Leslie's friendship largely comes from the audience seeing the roots of it.In the pilot episode, Leslie pledges to help a nurse and Pawnee resident named Ann Perkins fill the giant pit next to her home.A quick plot overview before we dig into this advanced seminar-level analysis: Ann announces her intentions to have a baby and goes shopping for a sperm donor; Ben and the boys audition caterers for the Knope-Wyatt nuptials, a.k.a.the wedding of the millennium; and April leads a public forum to get the signatures she needs for her Pawnee Commons project.The beautiful unicorn nurse and her multi-ethnic genius babies.I like the idea of Ann dating herself to figure out who she is and what she wants.Let me begin by saying that I’m happy for Ann: She finally got a big ol’ story line all to herself. The P&R cast is stacked like Jenga and it’s always a treat to see a supporting character get a crack at the A-plot.Unfortunately, a few too many recycled ideas plus a main character development that didn’t quite read true to me kept me from being as in love with this episode as the Douche is with combining Jell-O and Bill Cosby impersonations.


  1. Ann Meredith Traeger Ann Perkins is a fictional character in the NBC comedy-drama Parks and Recreation. Ann Perkins was dating Andy Dwyer.

  2. Create a PowerPoint Presentation to teach others about the TV show “Parks and Recreation.”. Ann was dating Andy Dwyer at the start of the show.

  3. Welcome to part two of our Parks and Recreation character analysis. This week we discuss the development of Ann Perkins. Ann Perkins is a character who.

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