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I'm still having issues opening up App Builder Applications. My Company Tech Support can get in but use PC Anywhere most of the time. All remote connections and web management is working fine. Note Comments about CP Manager install requirements for previous version Call Pilots.... PEPs included, improved versions of Call Pilot Manager and Application Builder, and a Server Security Update: CP40404SU01S Server Update that is installed on the Call Pilot server.I can connect to the CP, can open up the App Builder itself, but when I try to open up an exising Applicaiton, I get the error' "Cannot load App from Server, please try again". I'm going to load PCAnywhere asasp and see if I have any issues with accessing CP Applications that way. But, my issue is not remotely accessing the call pilot. This application is a means of creating, editing, a menu structure (attendant). CP404S01G11C Enhanced Call Pilot Manager required for use with SU01 and installed on either the Call Pilot server or a stand-alone web server.have always used Dial Up Networking to access my Call Pilot's remotely. CP404S01G08A Application Builder PC client update for use with SU01.Tuesday,2/21, I dialed into a CP 2.02 and was able to access 3 out of 4 App's just fine, but the last one (and the one that needed changed) I got the same durn error messsage "Cannot load Application to the Server, pleased disconnect and try again". I'm also now having an issue where the App's I do access "lock-up" and then I can't get back in. CP404SEC003S Server Security Update #3 (Includes Microsoft security updates to MS05-053).• Numerous end-user mailbox usability enhancements including improved: o Temporary Absence Greetings (TAG) operation o Fax handling via Desktop and Telset o Remote Text Notification operation • Latest Microsoft security updates (requires additional PEP).PEP Number: CP404S01G11C Call Pilot Manager/Reporter version .03Description:============This PEP contains Call Pilot Manager and Call Pilot Reporter version .03.

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Note 2: It is recommended that PEP CP40404SU01S be installed on the Call Pilot Server during the same maintenance window as PEP CP404S01G11C is installed on either the Call Pilot server or the standalone Web Server.

Here is the list from Nortel's PEP library on SU04.

I do beleive that SU04 (PEP) had a fix for this issue specifically.

For those worried about performance, sometimes squeezing every last drop requires disabling Aero.

If you’re trying to disable Aero in Windows 8, you’ll be interested to know that there’s no reason to, because they’ve disabled the Aero transparency theme by default anyway.


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