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Predating the time of noah literally

Biblical scholars objected to treating the myth of Noah’s flood as a historical event.Having overcome so many problems—which he views as the work of Satan—Ham now confidently states, “The Lord has worked mightily over the years to make this project a reality.” The Ark Encounter is based on one of the grandest tales in Western Culture, although the 2014 Russell Crowe version was a bit flat.

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Adam and Eve, created righteous, fell into sin that became so bad that, within a few generations, God wanted to start over.

Raising funds was a problem, solved partially by Ham’s high-profile debate with Bill Nye, who was an early visitor to the Ark Encounter.

Scientists expressed concern about the promotion of pseudoscience.

He believes that rejection of the historicity of the first chapters of the Bible undermines the social order that God set up in Eden—an order built explicitly on traditional male and female roles.

In his view, the growing acceptance of gay marriage, gender complexity, and even women having careers of their own, is all based on the collapse of the authority of Genesis—an authority he wants to restore by convincing people that the story of Noah is real history at the Ark Encounter.


  1. It would be difficult to know where Noah was before the flood, but the length of Noah's journey could be quite far based upon storm conditions and the time afloat. One "limited flood" explanation that has been proposed for this is that Noah built his ark and either went down the Mississippi River valley, or that he built the ark.

  2. Jan 25, 2014. News_Image_File The 4000 year old clay tablet containing the story of the Ark and the flood stands on display at the British Museum in London during the launch of the book 'The Ark Before Noah' by Irving Finkel, curator in charge of cuneiform clay tablets at the British Museum. AP Photo/Sang Tan.

  3. Jul 14, 2016. The discovery of continental drift showed that, by the time of Noah's flood, the continents were in their present locations, making it impossible for the animals to. Taken literally—the entire point of Ham's new park—the story suggests that God drowned all the children on the planet for their parents' sins.

  4. The recent translation of a Babylonian tablet launches a groundbreaking investigation into one of the most famous stories in the world, challenging the way we look at ancient history. Since the Victorian period, it has been understood that the story of Noah, iconic in the Book of Genesis, and a central motif in Judaism.

  5. Aug 13, 2010. No doubt, the story of Noah is based on a factual event since archaeologists have found evidence of great floods that took place during biblical times. This does not mean. When Scripture says that “God is my rock,” Psalm 182 we are not to believe that God is literally a rock. The image, while not.

  6. This material will bring geological data from Israel, Sinai, and Egypt and the Biblical account of the post flood landscape together, some for the first time. Both key points. The words used to describe this “pitch” are the same root words used to describe the “pitch” with which Noah sealed the joints of the Ark before the flood.

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