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I-hope those of you^who were 'Jure will receive this summary of the proceedings with pucisurc, wil-i spend a few* minutes or a few hours cliocking the account or that part in wliioh you are most interested, and wii be- gin planning to attend ^"to ^cntribjute to the 1976 Conference.

I hope, t Ov3,, that you will share your bt the proceedings withi* your colleagues and encourage theni to come to t Tie 1976 Cotiferencfe. Greggry ^ • Coordinating Chairman f ■ • ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Credit for the success of the Fourth Annual Conference on " of English goes to the Teaching a positive -The participants whose ideas, questions, and enthusiasm were most vital ^ V • .

Georgia, and the Georgia Council of Teao' English for sponsoring ^the conference.

Crandall, and Murphey who assisted ion to the Le Letcher College of ers of James ft.

^ency to perpetuate to cljildren this t'ich literary heritage.

My^»speeches terid 'i^^or^ and more to be like Frost's "Road Not Taken"-- they end up in inci^^edibl^ places I never meant them to he — and 1, lik^ Frost, frequently feel.

But that 'question is so unanswerable, albeit coitrpletely reasonable, that all I can muster are ^ smart-aleck answers, like I write because it^s less fattening than eating, or I write because I've found it so much easier than stone-carving.

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In the spring of 1974, the Con JFerenc^ on College Compo- sition and Comiftinications voted to "ujfhold the right of .students to their own language." Chairman of English Department at Ohio State replied, "That's misplaced humanism, not education.". ' What I, as a teacher, figure you, as teachers, waiit to know, is what w^ can do to perpetuate literacy among the very few students -whose lives we are part of — what I, as a writer, want to, do, is write books^o. students to be readers--involved, active readers, for at least part of the time.

As we plan for our next conferente, we need to continue to seek ways of .involving English Language Arts teachers of all levels, . '-'l -The leadership teams that directed the group session^: the moderators, presenters, consultants, and recorders • ^ -r Katie Letcher Lyle whose opening address established n^te for the conference -Sandra Gibbs , '*n Ct£] Co-^s^ponsored Splaker, who was a stirand keynotei;* and who, shared her reflections on t^ie conference at the luncheon * -M. » , -The publishers wnose displays added an important dimen^ conference -Dell Publishing Company for making it possible for Kat Lyle to attend -The National ^ouncil of Teachers of English for co-spoiisoring Sandi^a Gibbs -Angelia Moore who handled all preconference and Univ^r^ity student regista?

K through l U, and of bringing in supervisors, administrator? Local, state, and national p^ressures make -it increasingly imperative t Kat ail tho^e who are dedicated to a viable educational program 'plan and study §nd work together. Jean Greenlaw, Eunice Sims, Richard Graves^ and Derek Whordley who were also etrand keynoters ^ *s - -The State Department ofv Education for its support through the* partici- pation of Ba;rbara Mathis, Mary Charles Roberts, Ralph Bill li&ni Tiiond ^ ' • ^The chairmen of the conference committees' — Emily Gregory, Coordinating ^ Chairman; Nan Flowers and Ora ^Thomas, Hospitality; Otis and -Nell Clark, Exhibits; Hugh Agee, Program — atid those them . atiori • -Secretaries ir^iihe Language Education Department for t Heir many hours of work before and during the conference , .

What's bothering me, of course, is that he's right.

I'm just one of a shrinking__rainority who believes that language is not just a tool to say "I'm hungry," "it hurts," "give me that," "Stop," - "go"-*-b Ut that it is an art and a weapon and a vital exercise for the discipline of the mind — and that language is pn fact, a way to order thoughts. H.^Auden, shortly before,, his ^ie^j) made* the statement; "/\s a poet, there is only one political, duty, and that is to defend one's language from corruption.


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  2. Full text of "ERIC ED123641 The Teaching of the English Language Arts; A Report of the Annual Conference 4th, University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education.

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