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presumptuous Rach: you knew i like it you knew i wanted it you knew i would do every lil bad thing you asked and love it i trusted you Me: Oh god. god I made you wear just what I wanted I was a pretty good bad boy Rach: Or not wear. I'm talking to my love now on the phone but its not him that has me achy now hmmm.

That weekend you took my clothes away you were the bestest badboy a girl could want Me: sigh speechless breathless Rach: hmmm Me: I always like being called a bad boy the best a girl could want you sweet Rach: bestest not a typo Me: Ha. yes very wet Jimmy Me: true Rach: lol yes Me: so you are talking to your love now while typing brie : yep Me:!! you're gonna do it to me again aren't you Me: flutter my touches all over you. your taste Rach: hmmmm oh darling i'll be waiting lolol Me: I would not know where to even begin. Rach: hmmmm well say a certain woman comes to you Me: panties in her purse?

My family is over serious, especially my mom.' That all came to my mind as I hung up the phone.

------------------------ Rachel Remembers and Prepares Rachel sat in the coach seat of a transcontinental jet making the 13 hour flight to her uncles.

As we were walking up to the house, trying to be quiet, all of a sudden Rachel threw a snowball and hit me in the middle of the back!

I responded and now we are running around throwing snow at each other, I remember laughing and how hard I tried not to laugh loud.

This story is dedicated to a very special woman who has rocked my life in alternate reality.

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'Rachel's name was bantered about as the one who would be voted most likely to get laid.She lived with me four years and after she moved out, we kept in touch by email.But then even these ended, and all I had was this collection of old love notes. Ok i'm over it Me: You probably have calmed down a little since then. Rach: hmmm i coulda played any role you needed if needed so sweet Me: Yes. you made me want it like no body else Me: so you built up a pretty good portfolio of a sex life then After I hope so.At one point she was shoveling snow at me and I fell back into the snow which had to be six or eight inches deep, and she jumped down onto my chest continuing to shove snow over my head.I grasped her arms and held them as she straddled me, and we had this awkward moment.Safe and soft You may be deleting this but I shall be tucking it away in my treasure chest of jewels Rach: hmmm Me: filled with Rachel Rach: lol ok. "I won't lie to you, she has been difficult, especially since the divorce; and, since Tom..." Tom, who is that? She hasn't fully adjusted to..the changes..." She continued on, as I began to phase her words out altogether. The last time I had seen her was maybe five years ago. It was snowing that night, not hard, but steady as it sometimes does in northern Cali. The falling snow swirled around my face as if I was flying through stars.Put it in me anytime you want Me: wrap my arms around you and hold you tight, feel your breath. Rach: yes Me: Sigh Rach: I'd be a puddle every one of my holes is yours Me: hmmm Rach: Visit me some time. Rach: yes night Go to Previous message | Go to Next message | Back to Messages | Full Headers Reply Reply All Forward Forward Mail Search Welcome Inbox New Folders Mail Options THIS is how the story began: ------------------- The Beginning Sometime in my fourth year as a widower, I got a call from my sister Kate. There is a way my mind worked since losing my wife, that any discussions associated with difficulty, pain, complexity. I knew she was talking about her divorce, litigation, someone named Tom. It was Christmas and her entire family came over from England to celebrate. One evening in particular Rachel wanted to go to a movie, and she couldn't get her mother or father to go, and she asked me. Rachel joined me, arms out and there we stood just the two of us. Once in the car, we could tell how bad the snow was.The feelings she had at this precise moment were difficult to put into words. The freedom of leaving home, of striking out, of problems left behind, a sort of sense of limitlessness.But things had already turned out a little different than planned, and instead of leaving in the summer she was leaving three months earlier in spring, and leaving her school and friends behind mid-term. She had been in nonstop fights with her mother for well over a year, who had taken on a boyfriend now living in the house, and now they were to be married.All this on top of things that close in on a teenage girl (who had just turned 18).Her 'bad' behaviors had led to rumors circulating in school, hurtful vicious rumors, resulting in a decidedly different treatment even by those she thought were close.


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