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I'm not getting any younger, as my colleagues and hometown folk say. Between Bumble, Tinder (don't judge), and that other one... I tried them out because one person or another has found their SO on there. We genuinely are using this platform as a way to find a relationship, sadly. I will cut you if you tell me what happened or who was killed on the last GOT episode! Why stay home just to find a man, when my heart is on the trails?For the occasional, fully-shirted, somewhat-genuine and sometimes witty men, I swiped right. Yes, I like eating at new restaurants, going to concerts, reading, hanging out with friends, etc. etc., but what I'm really doing here on this date is to find a relationship with someone who will share the trails with me. " Photo by: Katie Yarborough After months of going on different dates, I can say I've met some good guys. Your profile says you like to travel, the outdoors, etc. A very common reply..."I'm outdoorsy in that I like to get drunk on patios." Face palm.I'll save those failure stories and laughs for another time. I found myself missing the characteristics that I find in hikers in the person I'm dating. Hikers are compassionate, and they understand life on the trails. They lend a helping hand when your backpack is too heavy to pick up. No problem, they share theirs and will probably share their food too. When you share a story about your hiking ventures, they're excited every step of the story, as if it's like they were there with you. They want to hear more, but when I come home to tell my stories to my SO it never sounds the same.The stories that seem hilarious, crazy, or momentous on the trail, usually seem lackluster at home.

And so in that regards I think it can be hurtful to constantly be texting back and forth and to constantly be involved in the technological realm rather than the face to face realm and so you don’t really know what this thing is. So if I think about my daughters, to have a young man constantly texting them and constantly engaging them on social media without any real clear I am pursuing you, any real clear desire to want to establish a shared knowledge of this relationship, we both want this relationship to grow. I just see a lot of our young woman at The Village really get led into and teased by the ability for guys to just “like” every post of theirs, or constantly text the young woman without ever defining what this relationship is.

And I think they had, you know, a little hitch here and there after marriage, but who doesn’t, right?

I dated Lauren for two years and we still had plenty of hitches our first couple of years.

So we have a staff person here who really met and married her husband in a matter of months, but she had watched him do ministry at the village. There were these things that were already known and so what was driving the relationship wasn’t kind of a flare up of emotions, wasn’t a type of desperation or loneliness and this idea of maybe this is my only shot or anything like that.

It wasn’t based primarily on physical attraction, but rather on knowledge of their faithfulness to God, desire to serve the Lord, and seriousness about the things of God. I hardly knew they were dating before they were engaged.


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