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In the Scrum framework, the product owner is the voice of the customer, represents the internal stakeholders, and is responsible for delivering the highest possible value to the business.In this series on the role of the product owner, I’ll help clarify product owner responsibilities and characteristics, the day-to-day work of the PO, anti-patterns that emerge in this role, and additional considerations not to be missed.As the empowered lead role within the Scrum team, product owners are responsible for the product’s success.By creating, ordering and validating the list of work to be performed, the product owner has authority to decide what will be developed and when.Only the product owner has authority to add or remove work from the sprint, cancel the sprint or stop overall development of the product.

Here we describe the most common types of automated tests.This requires strong support networks within the organisation and the creation of good relationships with customers and third-party suppliers. Great Communication This role requires an excellent communicator, collaborator and “people person” capable of sharing a vision, aligning people, focusing efforts and motivating the team.High emotional intelligence will help to collaborate and steer the product development to a successful conclusion.By making the product backlog visible to all those involved with the development, the product owner optimises work performed and ensures stakeholders understand the overall strategy and developmental roadmap.The product backlog is the live source of all remaining work to be completed during development.If you cannot devote at least half of your time to the role, then it is better to recruit someone who can.Product owner responsibilities vary widely dependent upon the product and development environment, but include many common factors.There are five common characteristics for product owners: 1.Available and Engaged A key aspect of the role is being available to answer questions from the development team.By creating and communicating a clear vision, the product owner focuses the efforts of the team upon delivering the best possible customer value.Working closely with the customer and internal stakeholder, they work to bridge the gap between the business and customer needs, and the development team.


  1. The main purpose of RMAN validation is to check for corrupt blocks and missing files. You can also use RMAN to determine whether backups can be restored.

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