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Even their body language in these interviews shifts into random scratching, looking at the floor, dazing off into space, etc.All signs of being embarrassed about something; in fact, there is a blog on tumblr that thoroughly explains the psychological processes that go on behind the reaction and body language between Rupert and Emma, and once I can find the link I will post it to my blog.

Also, it went from Emma frantically wanting to get it over with to her saying that the kiss happened in such “a magical way” and it was a “you are the love of my life” kind of moment.I have one huge issue surrounding this; no matter how close they are, they are still considered professionals and are only expected to act that way, so why was it such a big deal to kiss a friend just for the sake of acting? Remember that Emma also had to kiss Dan, and as I expected, Dan reacted the way a normal guy would: than Rupert’s reaction.That just confirms my observation that though it is a bit awkward to kiss somebody you’ve grown up with, having no feelings for them makes it go by much smoother, like Dan and Emma’s kissing experience.In other interviews (those NOT concerning the kiss), I can still observe hints of a secret crush lingering between the two of them.For instance, in an interview from a while ago, Rupert was asked whether or not he would like a Hermione type character in his life.A source from inside the cinema said: “I noticed Rupert and Emma were holding hands whilst they were walking down the aisle and waiting to go on stage.” The budding romance between characters Ron and Hermione develops during the new movie – Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince – while Harry falls for Ron’s little sister Ginny. But sorry for the confusion, Bbb23, I didn't know it had to be in production. Still makes me question why you would post that unreliable though, Elizium.Elizium23 (talk) , 11 February 2011 (UTC) Erm, it's actually her official website; it's a primary source.That doesn't help in this case, but in general, it's reliable for any of the cases set out in WP: PRIMARY.I’m sure most of you have been obsessively watching interview videos from the pair, whether it be on youtube or on television, so I know most of these will not sound new to all of you.But let’s start by noting their initial reaction to the most anticipated kiss (in history, I would say): Rupert and Emma claim that their kissing experience was “horrible” and was comparable to “kissing my brother” or “my sister”. Imagine kissing a good friend who you have feelings for as opposed to a good friend who is just that; I’m almost positive that the lot of you wouldn’t have too much of a problem kissing somebody who was just a friend, but it would be so awkward to kiss a crush, wouldn’t it?


  1. Rupert Grint has admitted that the moment he and Emma Watson share their long-awaited kiss in the final instalment of the Harry Potter film series is.

  2. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson were spotted holding hands in the cinema at the Harry Potter premiere. The pair, who have been rumoured to be dating in the.

  3. Analyzing Rupert and Emma’s Relationship, Part One. Just wanted to acknowledge the rumor spreading that Rupert Grint was supposedly “confirmed” to be dating.

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