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Sccm queries not updating

They factor into almost everything from deployments to client settings, to… It just so happens that collections are a unique breed of things that are easy to understand but difficult to master.I’ve had (at least) my fair share of collection issues to troubleshoot in both simple and complex SCCM implementations, so I’ve decided to share with you some of the issues I’ve seen and what you can do about them.epending on the environment not all servers may be at the same update compliance level, therefore a detailed overview for a update collection containing update status and machine vulnerability is very useful.You can have the list of updates being applied and missing updates sorted by severity and grouped by Domain Controllers, Domain Membership or Other criteria in the same report as presented below.

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Recently I bumped into an interesting issue with status messages on a Configuration Manager SP1 site.When a collection needs an update it gets added to a line called the “Collection Evaluator” where in most cases, they are processed using the first in/first out method. As long as the number of collections added to the line in a period of time is the same or less than the number being processed all is good.Now, let’s say that a sudden power failure causes most of the other rides in the park to close down.Suddenly, we have a flood of new people lining up to ride because they don’t have anything else to do.Chances are that we develop quite a backlog and the line grows longer and longer.Fix: All collections times in the limiting train need to be in Ascending order from All Systems to the “IBM Laptop Devices” Collection.Here is one example of a simple fix: In the scenario above, clients will now move from “All Systems” to “IBM Laptop Devices” somewhere in the range of 2 hours if added before pm, and as many as 24 hours if added after pm. To summarize, there is a one way sync from AD - You need to change your Discovery Data deletion task settings in Site Maintenance. You may also want to configure the Inactive Client deletion task settings. The time can be changed, and you can also run a report for clients that have not checked in in a long time and manually delete them, or use a powershell script to do this as well.Set the startup type to Delayed Start and then reboot the system after the change.We tried to get more information from Microsoft Support to better understand the root cause.


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