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Sex dating in buffalo gap texas

Last month, the New York Times published the results of their analysis stating that 51% of U. "The Times came to some insightful conclusions with their analysis," said Bert Sperling, lead researcher for Sperling's Best Places.

However, Sperling's Best Places discovered this might not be the whole story.

“He even told me I was overpaid.” He confessed that he felt emasculated by her career, and later, while she was on a work trip, he cheated on her. But as they strive for success, they’re hitting a snag.

Among the straight, ambitious, and unattached, Lauren’s story is familiar. They can’t find a guy who’s comfortable with all that awesomeness.

Sperling's conclusion is significantly different than the New York Times.

In the 379 metro areas nationwide, 34% of women 25-64 are single.

New Orleans, Austin, and a handful of Florida cities all have more singles than the national average.

Despite that, some places manage to have remarkably similar numbers of men and women, as if someone is stocking the pond of the entire city.

When Lauren S., 27, a mechanical engineer, met her now-ex at a festival, she fell hard. Until her picks for dinner spots were “too lavish.” One night, he asked about her salary — then everything changed.

“He made me laugh, the sex was great, and he was intellectually stimulating,” she says. “He couldn’t look past the fact that I made more money,” says Lauren. workforce is female and 40 percent of those women are their family’s breadwinner.

Sperling's firm looked at similar Census data, but restricted its analysis to single, widowed, and divorced women age 25-64.

Without this cap on the age range, places with higher concentrations of elderly people would show a misleading number of single women.


  1. Nov 28, 2012. This reality, coupled with the lack of longitudinal data, has resulted in a gap in our understanding of how and under what conditions teen dating violence. Substance use has consistently and robustly been linked to the perpetration of domestic and dating violence, especially in adult and college student.

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