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There are 88 cities (municipalities) in the county; the largest, the city of Los Angeles, spreads throughout the county.

Downtown LA The central business district of Los Angeles and home to the Grand Avenue cultural corridor.

pic.twitter.com/qhkv GPhl Dy — Good Morning America (@GMA) January 2, 2018 As we learned during his last relationship and watching that popular State Fair commercial, "must love dogs" is a requisite for Aaron Rodgers.

Luckily, Danica is a dog person, owning puppers ever since childhood and having two – a Belgian Malinois named Ella and a Siberian Husky named Dallas, who even has his own Twitter handle – with Stenhouse.

The advent of the automobile and freeways led to the neighborhood's slow decline, but it has seen a booming revival in recent years, led by new residential buildings, trendy hotels, bars, shops and restaurants.

Hollywood The place where the life of movies from the past to the present come out and also where movies are made and shown to the public.

But shortly into their first lap around the oval, Patrick's breaks failed and she drove 25 miles per hour straight into a concrete wall. Those with just a passing interest in auto racing might be surprised to hear that Danica Patrick is hanging up her helmet this year.

According to the site, "An onlooker said that Danica and Aaron were all over each other, kissing and couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other." Today, fellow gossip site The Blast finally got around to asking Danica Patrick if the rumors were true about her and Aaron Rodgers. Add in the fact that Patrick just ended a five-year relationship with fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse barely two weeks ago, that the Packers season just ended two days ago and, most damning, that Patrick's a diehard Bears fan, and there's a very strong chance this is merely some sad desperate sports fan fiction.

But it's the first January in a long time without a single down of Packers football on the schedule, and it's really freaking cold, and everyone's back at work again after the holiday break, so let's have some fun and catch up with some factoids about arguably the most powerful and influential side of this potential sports power couple.

She tearfully announced her retirement last November, noting "nudges" such as sponsorship issues as the reason for stepping away from the steering wheel, but she will finish out her career after the upcoming Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500, the latter served as the venue of some of her most iconic achievements.

But don't be concerned about what Danica Patrick's going to do with all of her newly found free time.


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