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This emerging field of tech sewing engages students as young as five years old in a blend of scientific and artistic discovery.

Find more information at Tenaya Hurst - Rogue Making.

The tactile border placed on quilt squares to guide her mother’s sewing served as the catalyst for an innovative solution to help many individuals use their sense of touch to engage in fabric crafting activities.

As a result Mitsy Kit Adaptive Crafting For All was established, providing adaptive materials and training.

Over time she blended sewing with electronic componentry and upcycling helping to establish the tech sewing movement.

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Paul Léger, an avid quilter from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, explained to Nancy that it isn’t so different when a group of guy quilters unites for a retreat, except host locations report the fellows are “a little quieter.” The semi-annual retreats started in 2008 when a Yahoo group of male quilters got together in person.

Through examples, she shared some tips to improve the quality and composition of images.

Find more information at Meg Cox - Quilt Expert and Author.

She explained how students learn to design and test circuits, then transfer their design to fabric using conductive thread in place of the wire.

A micro-controller within the circuit is programmed to control lights, sounds, and sensors.


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  2. Program Name Nancy's Corner Segment Sew Simple with Rectangles & Squares Lola Jenkins, Art Quilts Lola Jenkins, fiber artist, joins Nancy via Skype to explain her.

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