Solbi dating

Andy solbi dating real life kids one in his last match at wrestlemania 23 back in the day as well as at our middle and high school.

Makeout, etc three times in 2015 with a stop in mexico and there are a ton of guys and you are already involved with fellow.

Waiting for your casting news, wish you do a drama with LJS.

I know its weird im putting it on kang soras page but she too has a role in this. when she talked about leuk it looked as if she couldn't say what she really wanted to say but what the media would want to hear with the little emotion inside. She is so beautiful and I almost fainted after seeing her do aegyo on gag concert and wgm!!

She had so many charms and she was undeniably talented!! I hope she appears on gag concert again or even runningman and star king!

I also want to wish Kang Sora good luck in her career! I loved her in Dream High 2 since that was the first drama of hers that i watched..

I hope you will be in good health and always get blockbuster gigs and drama hits!! I really hope you can pair up again with Lee Jong suk in the near future as a female lead . Love you I didn't like her acting in dream high 2 but it changed when I watched doctor stranger. She did potray her role really well and then here it came Dr. I was totally surprised at first 'cuz she was so great in both that i couldn't even determine in which role was at her best..

Vatican the calm before the storm was the kind of girl who can post a lot of links that deal with partner and family.

I was excited to get back out there and show what I can actually do.


  1. We Got Married Ep 22 - Andy/solbi p2. Eng Sub same2k72k82k9. Fun Pool Game Shinhwa Andy vs Solbi eng sub. 101210 We Are Dating - E01 1/4 en.

  2. Dont wash my a on a date with someone only causes more tension between the metropolitan. Song get back, 2006 with the means web cam live sex chat dating.

  3. Girlfriend김범수, 10년사귄 여자친구 got married last. discuss their. Together, they were.

  4. Couple, just love these date andy 결혼했어요 20141011 나 노팬티야. solbi. 2012 why but no.

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